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  • Laurie JinkinsOhio Senator Candice Keller is in hot water again after blaming the recent mass shooting in Dayton on, among other things, gay marriage. 


    In Washington State, Representative Laurie Jenkins is preparing to be sworn in as speaker of the house.  She is the first woman and first out lesbian to serve in that role. 


    Locally, the Oakland LGBT Center received a $100,000 grant from the City of Oakland to support LGBTQ programming.


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    (Photo: Washington State Representative Laurie Jenkins - LAJCampaign, Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 2.0])


    Monday, August 12, 2019

  • 5bA new documentary about San Francisco General Hospital’s infamous “Ward 5B” premiers at the end of this month for on-demand play.  It tells the heroic story of the staff and volunteers who cared for AIDS patients in the early years of the crisis.  

    In the large gay community of Palm Springs, a man charged into a barbershop wielding a knife.  Police arrived within minutes and were attacked by the man.  Police shot the offender in order to subdue him. 

    A SanFrancisco cannabis company donated more than $60,000 to the LGBT Center in hopes of funding youth programs and a new LGBTQ Arts center.


    Monday, August 19, 2019



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  • hollyReports surfaced last week about U.S. Parks Police possibly entrapping men looking for sex in Washington D.C.’s Meridian Park.  Local attorneys are saying the arrests harken back to the Stonewall days when police were discriminating against gay men. 

    In Alabama, a high school student who has dressed in masculine clothing most of her high school life was intentionally left out of the yearbook because she wore a tux for the photo. 

    This week, the documentary ward 5B at San Francisco General debuts on all streaming services. 

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    (Photo: Holley Gerelds’ high school excluded her senior portrait from the yearbook because she wore a tux - Courtesy of Holley Geralds)

  • gayborhoods 7efc88 630x420Russian authorities exercised their 2013 LGBT propaganda law to take away two adopted children from a same-sex couple and activists are worried that this practice will expand. 

    Here in the United States, a new Zillow study shows that home values in gay-centric neighborhoods sell for more than 200% higher than the median price of homes in the surrounding areas.  The study included data showing Guerneville as having one of the highest ratios of same-sex couples in California.  

    Napa Valley College will be hosting a national LGBT for Law Enforcement conference with the goal of strengthening law enforcement’s relationship with the LGBT community.

    (Photo courtesy of Zillow)

  • Australia locator MJCHeath officials in Australia report new HIV infections among straight identifying men were up in 2019 while new infections in gay men were down. 

    Here in the U.S., dozens of organizations signed a letter to Facebook urging the media giant to stop posting ads from private injury attorneys targeted at those who use Truvada, a drug shown to be 99% effective in preventing an HIV infection. 

    In the traditionally republican state of Arizona, an out, gay democratic candidate is tied with Donald Trump in the run for president according to new polling data.

    (Photo: Spebi - Martyman. [CC BY-SA 3.0])


  • FBI Headquarters at nightLast month, the FBI reported that the number of hate crimes dropped slightly in 2018, while hate crimes targeting LGBTQ people rose.  Also, violence directed at transgender people, particularly trans women of color continued to soar.  Last year 26 transgender people were violently murdered and so far, this year, 22 have died in a hate crime. 

    This week Outbeat News offers a special report on hate crime trends and examines why the statistics may be inaccurate.

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    (Photo: FBI Headquarters at night - Public Domain/via Wikipedia)



  • josh rimer gay honeymoon hiltonJust in time for the holiday season, Hallmark reacted to backlash from conservative Christians about a commercial Hallmark aired showing a same-sex couple at the alter getting married.  Fortunately, Hallmark reversed course. 

    In a related story, a gay man seeking to marry his same-sex partner is being offered a free wedding ceremony by one hotel after his first choice turned him away because they don’t specialize in same-sex marriage ceremonies. 

    Here in the Bay Area, the National Center for Lesbian Rights named a new executive director.

    (Photo: Gay travel blogger Josh Rimer - YouTube screen capture)

  • Oblique facade 2 US Supreme CourtThis week Outbeat Radio host Greg Miraglia looks at some of the top LGBTQ events of the first two decades of the 21st century.

    From the elimination of sodomy laws in 2003 to nation-wide marriage equality in 2015, the LGBTQ community has been center stage at the Supreme Court this decade. Despite the gains, there were some huge losses and it doesn’t look bright for LGBT civil rights as we prepare to start the next decade. 

    (Photo: Daderot [Public domain])


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    Monday, December 30, 2019

  • Pre Exposure Prophylaxis PrEPThe Trump Administration announced its plan to wipe out HIV by 2030 and part of that plan includes making PrEP available to everyone at no cost. 

    Last Monday at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, a plaque marking the place where Matthew Shepard was laid to rest was dedicated.  Matthew's mother Judy Shepard said now is the time to move forward away from the event and on to preventing hate crimes from happening in the future. 

    The Human Rights Campaign released its annual municipal equality index that assesses various aspects of LGBTQ equality.  One Sonoma County town came out on top.

    (Photo: PrEP - NIAID [CC BY 2.0])




  • Philippine supreme courtThe Supreme Court in the Philippines closed any further arguments for marriage equality and same-sex marriage in the largely religious country will remain banned to the delight of some government officials. 

    Meanwhile, a gay man was arrested for sending a threatening letter with a white powder in it to a gay bay in New York. 

    In Florida, a youth football coach denounced homosexuality on social media and may be forced to quit coaching. 

    Napa Valley College announced a brand-new class for this spring called Transgender Issues and Identities.

    (Photo: Philippines Supreme Court in Manila - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0)




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  • USDCA4A U.S. District Court of Appeals ruled against the U.S. Air Force and Trump Administration policy of discharging service members who are HIV-positive.  The court cited an outdated view of HIV and a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act in their decision. 

    Two seminary students in California who were expelled from school because they are married to a same-sex partner are suing the college for violation Title IX. 

    Meanwhile, Rick Weltz, the president of the Golden State Warriors married his same-sex partner of 9 years in a ceremony officiated by Mayor London Breed.

    (Photo: Court of Federal Appeals for the Fourth District, Richmond, Virginia, USA - Acroterion [CC BY-SA 3.0])



  • pride flag Benson Kua ccA slew of new California laws that became effective last week on January 1 should improve the quality of life for LGBTQl people. Bills supporting LGBT foster youth, transgender youth, and training for teachers on LGBT issues are among the many new legal requirements. In the coming year, the California legislature will consider more bills to bolster the rights of transgender inmates, intersexed youth, and LGBTQ youth who engage in consensual sexual activity. 

    Meanwhile, the Catholic Dioceses of Santa Rosa was hit with several new lawsuits related to sexual abuse by 4 priests dating back to 1960.




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    (Photo: Benson Kua - Wikimedia Commons)



  • DwAUXBPVYAANicoNewly elected Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-Va) displays a transgender pride flag next to the Virginia state flag outside her D. C. office. Credit: Via TwitterCanada is celebrating the 50th anniversary of that country’s decriminalization of homosexuality with the minting of a new coin. 

    The new U.S. Congress was sworn in last week and a freshman congresswoman because the first to fly a transgender community flag outside of her DC office.

    One of the first actions taken by the new Congress was to pass rules for its workers prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

    And, an appeals court rule in favor of the Trump administration’s transgender military ban.





      Monday, January 7, 2019




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  • 800px Castro street theatreA new study of LGBTQ Americans finds that the vast majority favors the participation of corporations and uniformed police in pride events, despite the fractional opinions of some radical pride organizers. 

    In Washington DC, the Human Rights Campaign named Alfonso David as the new President, succeeding Chad Griffin.  David has family roots in Liberia and brings a strong human rights legal background to the HRC. 

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors designates the Castro neighborhood an LGBTQ historical district.

    (Photo: Castro Street Theater - Jamezcd [CC BY-SA 3.0])


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  • flag lgbt21This October, the United States Supreme Court will hear a potential landmark employment discrimination case that will determine if sexual orientation and gender identity apply to Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  A group of republican law makers believe it does and have filed a brief in support of protecting LGBTQ people from employment discrimination under this act. 

    The CDC released a new report that 40% of Americans have never had an HIV test, including 30% of those who are at high risk for an infection.

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    Monday, July 15, 2019

  • Eureka SF sv2The new viral social media app that allows users to change a picture of their face to either age or be younger has raised concerns of some LGBTQ people about privacy after learning the app has strong ties to Russia. 

    Here in California the Department of Justice released hate crime data from 2018 that shows a slight decrease in report hate crimes against LGBTQ people after two years of increases. 

    Another popular steak-house restaurant in the Castro neighborhood is closing its doors after 12 years of business.

    (Photo: Eureka Restaurant & Lounge in San Francisco, CA – via Google Street View)




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  • Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Community Day July 2019 7043A 41-year-old female Russian LGBTQ activist was found stabbed to death in front of her home last week.  She had been listed on a website advocating for the hunting and torture of LGBTQ people. 

    In gay-friendly St. Petersburg, Florida, a candidate for mayor said that he believes homosexuality is a choice. 

    Locally, the San Francisco International Airport celebrated the opening of Harvey Milk Terminal 1, the first airport terminal in the world named after an LGBT icon.


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    (Photo: Harvey Milk Terminal - Gregory Varnum,  Own work [CC BY-SA 4.0])

  • • Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a new tell-all book that spills the beans on the Trump administration’s true beliefs about the LGBT community.

  • Manuel LRL conroePDA catholic priest has been indicted in Texas for allegedly exposing himself to a 15-year-old boy during confession when the young victim confessed to being gay. Earlier this month, a catholic bishop urged parents to keep their children away from Pride events because they were “harmful” to children. 

    As part of Pride celebrations in Illinois, the governor signed an executive order to help protect transgender students in the state’s schools.

    Here locally, San Francisco’s 49th annual pride parade was halted early on when protesters blocked the parade route for over an hour.

    (Photo: Manuel La Rosa-Lopez - City of Conroe Police Department)



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  • SFPD PrideSFPD Pride (via Twitter)As pride celebrations around the country got underway this month, several local pride organizations, such as the one in Sacramento have disinvited LGBTQ members of law enforcement from participating in uniform.  But not so in San Francisco.  In fact, the police there will be wearing a special rainbow decorated uniform patch through the month of June.  The project was created by an officer there with proceeds benefiting the Larkin St. LGBT youth homeless shelter.
    Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • 00A3497D DD20 42FD 8DC5 9972E318C709In a new study released by The Trevor Project, 39% of surveyed LGBTQ+ youth said they have “seriously considered” suicide in the past twelve months.   
    The Sebastopol Area Senior Center made a fabulous showing at Santa Rosa's Pride parade, winning two awards.
    The first annual Mendocino Pride Fetival is coming this weekend to the Little River Inn.  
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  • Clarence Thomas officialThe U.S. Supreme Court sent back another same-sex wedding cake case involving the exercise of religious freedom in a state that prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ people, but in another case the same week, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote an opinion that suggested precedent may not protect the national marriage equality decision and hinted that the right marry could be overturned if the Supreme Court were given the chance to look at that decision again in the future.  

    (Photo: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas - U.S. government. [Public domain])



    LOGO SF Pride Logo Stacked Color e1500061919889Here locally, it’s Pride week and the annual San Francisco Pride celebration and parade takes place next Saturday and Sunday.



    Monday, June 24, 2019



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  • TransgenderParaDox [CC BY-SA 2.5]The World Health Organization voted to reclassify people whose gender identity doesn’t match their birth sex from having a mental disorder to simply being “gender incongruent.”  Being transgender is no longer regarded as a disorder by the WHO. 








    800px Rainbow flag breezeBenson Kua [CC BY-SA 2.0]Cities across the Bay Area have voted to fly the rainbow flag during the month of June, except for one - the City of Dublin, but the backlash is causing the City Council to re-think their decision.

    Monday, June 3, 2019




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  • UnitedAgainstHate ImageShare 1600x900Hate crimes targeting LGBTQ people are up in the United States, while the total number of reported hate crimes has declined for the first time in several years.  The FBI released 2018 hate crime statistics last year detailing increased violence targeting LGBTQ people. 

    The Trump administration’s attempt to deny LGBTQ people health care in favor of religious and moral beliefs has been blocked by 2 courts, both citing a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

    The American Psychological Association updated it’s writing manual this week to allow the singular use of “they, them, their” as an appropriate pronoun to reference gender non-binary persons.

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    (Photo via Human Rights Campaign –

  • SFGMCAn Alabama printing company declined to print a special diversity issue of a South Alabama student magazine because the publication featured articles about LGBTQ people. 

    In Texas the state’s attorney general is partnering with the Catholic Church to sue the federal government in order to allow private religious adoption agencies that receive federal funding to openly discriminate against LGBTQ people. 

    Then, this year’s holiday concert by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus happens Sunday, December 15 in the Green Center at Sonoma State Unversity.

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    (Photo: SF Gay Men's Chorus - via Green Music Center)

  • MissoLGBTcopFacebook denied a New York-based health care company from running an add on Instagram promoting PrEP for preventing an HIV infection the same week Mark Zuckerberg defended the posting of false information claiming it is essential for a democracy. 

    A Missouri jury awarded a police officer who claimed discrimination based on sexual orientation $20 million in damages. 

    Locally, members of the LGBTQ community once again jumped into action to support people forced to evacuate from the Kincade Fire.

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    (Photo: St. Louis County Police Sergeant Keith Wildhaber - Christina M. Fletes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/via AP)


    Monday, November 4, 2019

  • stonewallThe New York Yankees were one of the last major league teams to host an LGBT pride night, but that won’t be the case next year for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.







    Karesh Jonathan 4649Judge Jonathan Karesh, San Mateo County Superior Court. Photo Credit: Jason Doiy.A gay man has been elected presiding judge in a south bay court.








    OUTwatch 2018 Facebook Cover 820x312 v1 4The OutWatch Film Festival happens October 12 through 14 at the Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol. This annual 3-day event features an amazing schedule with something for everyone, starting Friday night with Mapplethorpe.


    Monday, October 1, 2018


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  • Oblique facade 2 US Supreme CourtLast week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments from three cases involving discrimination against LGBTQ people in the workplace.  The Justices were challenged to decide if the meaning of gender in the 1964 Civil Rights Act includes sexual orientation and gender identity. 

    In California, Governor Newsom signed a bill last week that will make accessing HIV prevention medication much easier starting this January. 

    Also last week, the FDA approved a second drug for use to prevent an HIV infection.

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    (Photo: U.S. Supreme Court - Daderot [Public domain])





    Monday, October 14, 2019

  • Suhail al Jameel 1024x614A 23-year-old gay Saudi Arabian YouTube star has been arrested for violating that country’s public decency law because he posted a picture of himself wearing a bathing suit while on a beach. 

    Legislators in Uganda are planning to re-introduce a “kill the gays” bill that would provide the death penalty in certain cases for being homosexual in Uganda.  Government officials declared that homosexuality does not occur naturally in Ugandans.  

    In California, Governor Newsom signed into law the Safe and Supportive Schools Act which will provide bi-annual LGBT awareness training for school teachers and staff.

    Outbeat News can be heard Sunday nights at 8:00 pm on KRCB FM Radio 91.

    (Photo: Suhail al-Jameel claims he was arrested for sharing the photo on the left – Courtesyy of Suhail al-Jameel)


    October 21, 2019

  • baby pxlA Brazilian woman gave birth to twins after being a surrogate for her gay son, a rare instance of a woman giving birth to her own grandchildren. 

    At the Southern Decadence Parade in Louisiana this month, protesters dressed as police officers and politicians showing opposition to the legally questionable sex laws that seemingly target LGBTQ people. 

    And in San Francisco, new HIV infections hit an all-time low last year, setting the City on track to reach its goal of zero new infections. 

    Here locally, this year’s Outwatch Film Festival runs October 4th through the 7th.

    (Photo: A Brazilian woman gave birth to her gay son's twins – Pexels)


    Monday, September 16, 2019

  • SJPD Rainbow BadgeEffective today in the State of Texas, the crime of indecent exposure now includes sending explicit photos over the Internet, including in emails, text messages, and via a dating app.  And it’s a misdemeanor crime with a fine of $500.  Texas Governor Abbot said he signed the law because he thinks exposing one’s self like that is “disgusting.” 

    In California, the San Jose Police Department became the first large law enforcement agency to fly the rainbow flag at police headquarters.  LGBT Liaison Officer James Gonzalez explains why it’s so important.

    (Photo: Courtesy of Coming Out From Behind the Badge)


    Monday, September 2, 2019





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  • AZ supreme ctA printing business owned by a conservative Christian couple sued the state of Arizona in order to avoid having to print wedding invitations for same-sex couples.  Even though they haven’t yet received an invitation order, they sued to stop a City of Phoenix ordinance that prohibits discrimination.  The Arizona State Supreme Court agreed with the couple.  

    And here locally, Jim Foster, one of the founders of Positive Images has been struck by a debilitating disease and needs our help.  A community fundraiser is set for this Saturday at Santa Rosa High School.

    (Photo: Arizona Supreme Court Building in Phoenix - davidpinter [CC BY 3.0])





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  • matan2Last week, 2 federal judges issued rulings against known hate organizations that target LGBTQ rights.  The first was against a Florida based church and the second in Maryland against a challenge to the state’s ban on ex-gay reparative therapy. 

    In San Francisco, a gay man was been appointed by Israel to be the Consulate General of the Pacific Northwest.  Matan Zamir and his partner of 3 years say they are excited to be living in San Francisco. 

    And don’t forget the OutWatch film festival begins this Friday at the Rialto cinemas in Sebastopol

    (Photo: Matan Zamir – Courtesy of

  • outwatch2019Last week while one NFL player came out as openly bisexual, another was preaching for the anti-LGBTQ group focus on the family by encouraging school children to bring their bibles to school in order to preach to their friends. 

    In Kentucky, a school principal, who back in 2008 confiscating books with LGBTQ themes from the school library because he thought they could corrupt children, was arrested this week for possession and distribution of child pornography. 

    Locally, this year’s OutWatch LGBTQ film festival will take place October 4 through 7 at the Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol.

    Monday, September 9, 2019




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  • • The State of Florida has one of the highest rates of new HIV infections in the country in 2015.

  • • Ghana’s new president believes his country might consider changing laws criminalizing homosexuality if a coalition comes together to seek change.

  • • In an apparent response to the Trump administration’s ban of the U.S.

  • • An Egyptian court ordered the release of 17 men, who were arrested earlier this month of “practicing homosexuality,” while they appeal their convictions to a higher court.

  • • Wedding bells began to ring for same-sex couples in Australia last week.

  • • Police are investigating a violent hate crime in Los Angeles involving a 19-year-old and a former high school colleague.

  • • Iraqi forces captured a terrorist who has appeared in numerous execution videos where gay and bisexual men were thrown from buildings.

  • • Voters in Virginia and Pennsylvania elect the first transgender candidates to seats in public office.

  • • The FBI reported hate crimes rose by more than 4% last year; including 1,076 hate crimes motivated by the victims' sexual orientation.

  • • Southeastern Oklahoma State University paid over 1.1 million dollars in a discrimination lawsuit involving a transgender faculty member.

  • • Egypt and Russia and fighting to eliminate a UN resolution prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ people during the upcoming Olympic games.

  • • A federal judge in Brazil overturned a 1999 decision this week, and now, gay conversion therapy is legal again in this South American Country with growing anti-LGBT sentiment.

  • • An alleged joke made by Vice President Mike Pence about “hanging gay people” might have been the inspiration for a vicious poster found hanging on the walls at Cleveland University this week and university officials are being criticized for defending it.

  • • Georgia State representative, Betty Price, a republican, suggested during a hearing that HIV positive people might be quarantined to prevent spread of the virus.

  •   Campus Pride released the 2017 Shame List of colleges and universities that openly discriminate against LGBTQ students.

  • Police in Zanzibar, Tanzania, arrested 20 people, including 12 women and 8 men, in the latest crackdown on homosexuality in that country and the police chief is promising more arrests.

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    Housing Insecurity Is Taking a Toll on Youth’s Health

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