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What We Need to Know: COVID in Sonoma County

What are the current county restrictions? Sonoma County is currently in the most restrictive purple tier of the California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. In order to qualify for the less restrictive red tier, the county must have less than 7 new cases per 100,000 people and a testing positivity rate lower than 8%. As of March 3, Sonoma county’s new case number is 10 per 100,000 people and the testing positivity rate is 3.5%. To check the latest data, visit…


Science & Health


NorCal Visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium During COVID-19

What is it like to take a deep dive below the ocean’s surface? In this video we dive into the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Kelp Forest Exhibit to explore this essential marine ecosystem and then journey from the coral reefs of Palau back to San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences where scientists are making exciting…



Local News

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Santa Rosa Public Schools Plan Return To Classrooms April 1

Santa Rosa’s public school district and its teacher's union have agreed on a plan for getting kids back into classrooms on April 1. The tentative deal includes schedules, safety protocols and a…
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Inching closer to the red tier

Since August, Sonoma County’s been stuck in the state’s most restrictive tier in terms of COVID-19 recovery. But the possibility of opening up the economy a bit more is finally possible. Sonoma’s one…
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Santa Rosa Clears a Large Homeless Encampment

Dozens of people living in Santa Rosa’s largest homeless encampment were forced to pack up and leave Tuesday morning. It marks Santa Rosas’s second encampment clearance in the past week. Activists…

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