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image002Canaveral National Seashore, 2019.
Photo credit: Craig Miller
KRCB is proud to partner with Jack Hines … environmental advocate and soundscape ecologist, to present the sounds of nature in the North Bay … listen for Chinook salmon swimming to spawn, birds at dawn at Ledson Marsh, and Pacific Tree Frogs. These soundscapes are created to make you stop and listen … and start your own conversations. 

Ear to the Wild soundscapes are created to put you in a calm centered space, a quiet sanctuary that helps melt away stress. Soundscapes are a quiet world, a natural resource, the stillness of the mind.image003Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, 2023.
Photo Credit John Roney

All Ear to the Wild recordings are captured with professional recording equipment. Recording sites and microphone placement are carefully selected to provide the listener with a rich auditory perspective.
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