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Your Company Is Known By The Company It Keeps!

Partnering with Northern California Public Media allows you and your company to share in the success of public broadcasting. Northern California Public Media features a commercial-free environment so when you sponsor a program with us, you know your message will be clearly seen and heard by a unique audience.

Become a Business Sponsor
Become a Business Sponsor
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The public broadcasting audience is...

Well Educated
Leaders in Business
Active in the Community


Why should your company or organization become a program sponsor on KRCB?

  • To Enhance Your Image and Build Brand
    Program support on Northern California Public Media builds brand identification and strengthens your community and quality image. KRCB underwriters benefit from the "halo effect" of being associated with public broadcasting.
  • To Achieve Greater Impact Through More Credible and Memorable Messages
    Northern California Public MediaSupport messages have greater impact in the quiet, low-clutter environment found only on public broadcasting. This non-commercial approach to on-air support is appreciated and respected by our viewers.
  • To Build Relationships
    On Northern California Public Media, program underwriters are building a relationship with the community they serve by making high-quality, award-winning programming available. Northern California Public Media can offer unique marketing opportunities that commercial broadcasters or cable networks cannot match.
  • To Do Something Good for the Community
    Northern California Public Media program underwriters make their commitment to community involvement absolutely clear. The community appreciates it, remembers it and reciprocates with their business.
  • To Increase Cost-Effectiveness of your Advertising
    Because underwriting Public-broadcasting costs just a fraction of commercial advertising, you can easily afford the frequency and consistency that provides results.

For information about becoming a corporate sponsor of Northern California Public Media programming,
call Amy Boyd at 707-584-2003 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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