Hinman ecThis week on Savoring Sonoma – on Mother’s Day - we had the great pleasure of speaking with an extremely talented and accomplished chef who also happens to be the mother of three.
Liza Hinman is the chef proprietor of Spinster Sisters, as well as a motelier co-owner of the Astro Motel, in the SOFA (South of A) arts district of Santa Rosa.
We heard about her fascinating trajectory from the kitchens of Gourmet Magazine to some of the country’s best restaurants, to her own stoves here in Sonoma County. It was an inspiring and uplifting story of tenacity and talent. 
Savoring Sonoma: The Hour is heard on the second and fourth Sundays of the month on KRCB 104.9, Sonoma County's NPR station.
(Photo credit: Erik Castro)

Savoring Sonoma

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