OH SheriffLast week’s national election included more than 600 out LGBTQ candidates and dozens won their seat.  A transgender woman was elected to the U.S. Senate, a gender non-binary woman of color was a state seat, and an out lesbian will become a county sheriff in Ohio beating the man who fired her allegedly because she was gay. 

Voters in Nevada made same-sex marriage a right in their state Constitution.

California Senator Scott Wiener and Assembly Member Evan Low, two out gay men, won re-election to their state office.

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(Photo: Sheriff-Elect Charmaine McGuffey - Charmaine Mcguffey For Sheriff/Facebook)




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  • November 16, 2020

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    President-Elect Joe Biden thanked specifically LGBTQ people for supporting his election during his acceptance speech. It was a first for a victory speech by a president-elect. In California, Todd Gloria will become the first openly gay man and a man of color to be elected Mayor of San Diego, the…
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    A new and tragic record has been set this year for the number of transgender people murdered in the United States. Transgender women of color continue to be the people most at risk of violence. A new study of Intersex individuals shows a high level of anxiety and depression experienced by those who…
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    Outbeat News for Monday, October 12, 2020

    Last week Governor Newsom nominated the first openly gay man to the California State Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court began their new term last week and two of the court’s most conservative justices called for a case to overturn marriage equality for LGBTQ people. The brazen statement…
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    Donald Trump justified his ban on transgender people serving in the military in part by citing the cost of trans troops’ healthcare. Leaked copies of…
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    A Republican lawmaker running for re-election in Illinois is in hot water for racist and homophobic comments she made on the radio about her…
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    A transgender woman in Delaware, Sarah McBride, won a primary election last Tuesday and is on the road to becoming the first transgender member of…
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    In Argentina, the country’s president issued a decree that sets aside 1% of all government jobs for transgender people. Here in the U.S., a man has…
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    Last week, two federal courts ruled that transgender students can access the restrooms and facilities that match their gender identity and that the…
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    The chief of the critical care unit at a Baltimore Hospital died of COVID-19 last week surrounded by co-workers and his husband has some harsh words…
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    The Netherlands announced that the country will eliminate all gender markers on all forms of identification except for passports by the year 2025. In…
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    While most people were forced to remain inside for Pride month this June, several celebrities including 3 snowboarders came out citing pride month as…

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