la mejor bkgrndIn an article from the public media journal Current, Northern California Public Media was recognized this week for its efforts to ramp up communication with our Spanish speaking neighbors. Of particular interest to writer Grace Vitaglione was the organization's bilingual approach to its 13-week run of Coronavirus Town Halls.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, KRCB is adding Spanish voiceovers of its virtual town hall broadcasts about the coronavirus with the original English versions," Vitaglione wrote. "The station also held a panel with leaders in the area’s Latino community.

"[News director Steve] Mencher said his goal is not to have 'separate but equal' news in Spanish and English but to allow people to get Spanish-language news in 'real time,' which led to the idea of providing the voiceovers."

In order to record the Spanish voiceover for postproduction, assistant news director Adia White transported digital recorders each week to La Mejor radio. NorCal CEO Darren LaShelle worked through the details of the arrangement with La Mejor management. Producers Yinka Adeboyejo and Joshua Mellars married the English and Spanish files for posting on the NorCal website each Wednesday.

Read the entire article here.

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