..TIME is on its way to your radio. Remember Johnny Ray? (Long time ago!) He sang The Little White Cloud that Cried? Listen in next Tuesday for his As Time Goes By

Then there's Peggy Seeger. Many years ago, she sang at a Folk Music Concert in England, met Ewan McCall, and there was just no turning back. Ewan wrote a song for Peggy that I think is one of the great love songs of the century: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Time, get it?) So...will Ewan sing this song on Tuesday evening? Nope. Peggy will. 

Remember Rev. Sekou? The Ministerial Singer of the Revolution? Any Time songs from his genius? Funny you should ask. Listen for In Times Like These

Do you think Neil Young could be persuaded to sing one of these Time songs? Well...not quite. But you will hear his exciting Monsanto Years song, from his recent album of the same name. 

Would it please you to hear Nina Simone sing a song about Tom Russell. Not very likely, but...how about Tom singing one about Nina? No time in the title - - just Nina Simone - - but you're going to love it.  

Right on Time by Dawes, Closing Time by Pieta Brown, Quittin' Time by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Got 'em all - - and plenty of time to listen. 

And remember...turn your clocks ahead an hour on Sunday, March 11.

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