I received warning a few days before Tuesday,  January 30th, that Something Completely Different might be pre-empted, in part or totally, by the ravings of a man whom I think I won't bother to name. You know who I mean. So I contemplated the "Crazy Man Crazy" show that I had planned for the 30th, and decided that I wouldn't waste my time and energy presenting this interesting bunch of music as a partial explanation for the presence of Ump-tray on the sacred ground of Something Completely Different.

Now, I put my shows together several weeks in advance, and I have actually already completed the Spring show. So, figuring I probably wouldn't have to use all the music chosen, and could probably present it again at the start of Spring, I brought the crazy show AND the spring show to the studio (extremely heavy!) Sure enough - - by the time the orange-haired crazoid had finished his rant, and some Democrats fought back a little, it was 8PM - - half the S.C.D time was over! So...I played about half of the Spring show...leaving Crazy Man Crazy to play...this coming Tuesday, February 6th! Glad I did it this way. 

So...we'll have several versions of Crazy Love - - Van Morrison, Marianne Faithful, Paul Simon - - as well as Crazy Blues (Leon Redbone), Crazy Rhythm (Nellie McKay)not to speak of Madman Across the Water (Elton John), Crazy Man Michael (Natalie Merchant), and Spooky Tina (Jackie Greene). Ah....! Life is rich, after all. And, if it's not crazy enough for you (unlikely) just listen to Fred Eaglesmith's Crazier - - that'll solve everything.

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