Thinking I had it all figured out, I made out my music list and came up with 27 songs. Just a little short, but several are more than five minutes long.

Then I noticed a stack of LPs in a little-used closet, and found two more entries:

1. A little-known Country Joe McDonald vinyl, with striking black&white photos by my late and much lamented dear friend Jerry Wainwright, titled War . War . War, on Vanguard. Date 1971. Here are nine songs, composed by Country Joe from the poems of (and I'm not kidding about this) Robert W. Service, the British poet of World War I; the guy who wrote The Cremation of Sam McGee. Has anyone played a piece from this album in this century? I doubt it.

2. A 12" LP recorded at 45 RPM, produced by J. Harrison and D. Lazarus, and titled Bonzo Goes To Washington - - 5 Minutes, put out by Sleeping Bag Records, 1974 Broadway, New York, in 1984. This is actually three versions of the same piece: a "Radio Mix" 4:05, a "Bombing Mix" 3:20, and a "Club Mix" 5:35. As Something Completely Different on KRCB definitely qualifies as radio, that's the version I'll play. What's it about? Wait til Friday, Aug. 24, 8PM.

So...these very rare treasures, along with all the other war and/or peace offerings, should make a pretty good show. Please join me on Friday.

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Something Completely Different

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