ap 203506Governor Gavin Newsom says steps are being taken to accelerate the rate COVID-19 vaccinations are given. He also says he'll release details of a plan to get small businesses more pandemic aid on Friday

Story by Mike Haggerty.

(Photo: Jose M. Osorio - AP)




State prosecutors will begin investigating all police shootings that result in the death of unarmed civilians, taking over that responsibility from local authorities.

Story by Scott Rodd.

The first California snow survey of the year showed the snowpack is about half of the average for this time of year. But with months of the rainy season ahead, that’s not a terrible place for the year.

Story by Ezra David Romero.

Paychecks are going up in the new year for California's minimum wage workers. In the North Bay, Petaluma and Santa Rosa now have the highest minimum wage pay at $15.20, while Novato and Sonoma businesses must offer at least $15.

Story by Steve Milne.


Find more new laws taking effect in 2021.


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