031720newsomcoronavirus r 1Governor Gavin Newsom is closing parking lots at some state parks and beaches to discourage Californians from crowding public spaces during the coronavirus pandemic. He also says the state could be short 50,000 hospital beds.

Story by Nicole Nixon.

(Photo: via CapRadio)




farmers mktAs the COVID-19 crisis continues people are going to need essential supplies like eggs and vegetables. In California farmers markets are considered an essential service and don’t have to close down, but many are not operating.

Story by Ezra David Romero.

(Photo: Manuel Rodriguez with Rodriguez Brothers Ranch in Santa Clara - Ezra David Romero / CapRadio)



Canned Vegetables at KrogerWhen shoppers stock up, they could leave WIC shoppers with few options           

Only certain items qualify for WIC, which helps low-income women, infants and children get nutritional food.

Story by Scott Rodd.

(Photo: ParentingPatch / CC BY-SA 3.0)





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