gettyimages 1204020The Nevada Democratic Party says it will not use an app for its caucus later this month after an app by the same developer caused major problems during the Iowa caucus on Monday.

Story by Bert Johnson.

(Photo: Des Moines City Councilman and a precinct chair Carl Voss shows the app that was used for caucus results reporting on his smartphone after he unsuccessfully attempted to drop off a caucus results packet from Precinct 55 at the Iowa Democratic Party headquarters on Tuesday in Des Moines, Iowa - Alex Wong / Getty Images / via CapRadio)


212221 fullIf you work in the arts and have an idea for a project incorporating health and technology - you may be able to get up to half-a-million-dollars from the state.

Story by Steve Milne.

(Photo: Courtesy




ap 18011757405130 pCalifornia voters in November will weigh in on a ballot initiative to expand rent control statewide. If that sounds familiar, it’s because a similar proposal was roundly defeated in 2018.

Story by Scott Rodd.

(Photo: A "For Rent" sign outside an apartment building in Sacramento, Calif. - AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli/via CapRadio)





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