parscale cprnCalifornia Republicans gather for their state party convention starting Friday, with new leadership and nowhere to go but up. But the party faces a tough balancing act ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Story by Ben Adler.

(Photo: Brad Parscale, manager of President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, to headline state party convention - Paul Sancya / AP Photo / via CapRadio)







for sale sign sacNew California rent cap bill would limit annual rent increases to five percent plus inflation. Housing built within the last 15 years is exempt, to keep from discouraging new housing construction.

Story by Randol White.

(Photo: This photo shows a "For Rent" sign outside an apartment building in Sacramento, Calif. - AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli/ via CapRadio)







dmvpA federal judge has ruled that a soccer fan can sue the California state Department of Motor Vehicles for allegedly violating his freedom of speech by banning specialty plates that it considers offensive.

Story by Steve Milne.

(Photo: People wait at counters at the DMV in Fullerton, Calif. - Micah Sittig/Flickr/via CapRadio)


Friday, September 5, 2019 







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