show features fish on roller skates; the other presents pirates and parrots. Both have singing and dancing—though only one is a musical.

One is in Berkeley. One’s in Rohnert Park.

One is Disney’s ‘The little Mermaid.’ The other is a brand new adaptation of ‘Treasure Island.’

Both are well worth a voyage to the theater.

First, let’s talk about ‘Treasure Island.’

Writer-director Mary Zimmerman’s richly reimagined action adventure—adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s beloved novel—is visually inventive and surprisingly emotional.

And it rocks.


As presented at the Berkeley Repertory Theater, in Berkeley, the show employs a stunningly well-engineered stage that—during scenes where the characters take to the open sea—actually rocks, swinging back-and-forth from side to side like a pirate ship rolling on the ocean.

That is just one of many eye-popping delights that await, as director Zimmerman launches a wildly unexpected, subversively psychological adaptation that might skimp a bit on the sword-fighting and swashbuckling, but makes up for it with beauty, pathos and rich human comedy.

Now, there’s no doubt that Treasure Island is a good book, but it would be hard to make the case that it is a very deep book—despite the fathomless depths of fondness many, including me, still feel for it. It’s a great story, but not exactly packed with psychological insight.

That’s why it’s such a surprise that Zimmerman has so deftly managed to turn the tale into something so humanely perceptive and emotionally rewarding. Packed with poetic touches—including a an odd but effective bit of dreamy piratical ballet—this rollicking interpretation is stirring and fun, achingly lovely, frequently sweet, occasionally a bit weird, and a tad upsetting.

Which is to say that, for a story about ships and pirates, with a set that swings into the action, it’s practically perfect.

Meanwhile, in Spreckels Theater Company’s splashy new production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, colorful costumed fish on wheels appear to swim across the stage. Seagulls fly and mermaids frolic, huge waves splash and crash, octopus women grow to six times their normal size, while six-foot strands of seaweed bob and wiggle in time to the music, thanks to dancers dressed up in seaweed suits.

It is, in a word, dazzling.

But of all the special effects unfurled in Spreckels elaborate production, directed with charm and energy by Gene Abravaya, the most impressive is the strong-voiced, agile and energetic cast. Led by Julianne Thompson Bretan as the adventurous title character, Ariel, with memorable turns by Mary Gannon Graham as the villainous sea-witch Ursula and Fernando Sui as Flounder, Ariel’s BFF (that’s “best fish friend”), the show is made colorful and clever by the costumes and set pieces, but succeeds on an emotional level primarily due to the delightfully cartoonish, occasionally quite moving performances.

Despite some glaring script flaws, an over-stuffed score and a confusing, undercooked climax, this Mermaid still delivers a level of onstage dazzle-dazzle that is pretty much unmatched in ambition and spectacle by any other local stage musical in recent memory.

‘Treasure Island’ runs Tuesday–Sunday through June 17 at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, ‘Disney’s The Little Mermaid’ runs through May 22 at Spreckels Performing Arts Center,

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The Handoff – March 22, 2017

The Handoff… DAVID: The art of theater and the inevitability of change – they’ve gone together from the beginning of, well, of theater. And I’m not…
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“Race” – March 15, 2017

It has been argued, effectively, that the person most qualified to talk about race and racism is the victim of that racism – not those who,…
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“Mojada” – March 1, 2017

Well, it’s spring, and the annual Oregon Shakespeare Festival has kicked off its 2017 season with four new shows – out of an eventual total of eleven…
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“Hand To God” – February 22, 2017

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s just something appealing—if that’s the word—about watching a puppet – especially a cute puppet – talking dirty ……
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Feb 14, 2017

“Evita” – January 25, 2017

Powered by some pretty spectacular voices, Sonoma Arts Live’s clever, minimalized production of Webber-and-Rice’s iconic musical “Evita” scores major…
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Feb 14, 2017

“Native Son” – February 1, 2017

Beauty, one could argue, isn’t always very pretty. Especially in the case of great literature. Richard Wright’s 1940 masterpiece Native…
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Dec 06, 2016

“Hope” – December 7, 2016

“Hope. Do we ever give up on hope? Even in the face of hard evidence?” That the question at the heart of Si Kahn’s succinctly-titled new musical…
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Nov 29, 2016

“Luzia” – November 30, 2016

Describing a new Cirque du Soleil show is a little like describing a dream while still half asleep. Talking about ‘Luzia,’ appropriately subtitled “A…
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Oct 04, 2016

“Threepenny Opera” – October 5, 2016

The Threepenny Opera — Bertolt Brecht’s 1928 “play with music — is like an expensive desert that’s so complex and filled with flavor most people…
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Aug 16, 2016

“Big Fish” – August 17, 2016

Some stage musicals are lighter than air, soothing as water, sounding good and feeling delightful as long as they last, then evaporating on the wind,…
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Jul 27, 2016

“Rock Of Ages” – July 27, 2016

Let’s talk about Jukebox Musicals. That’s a slangy term describing a stage show that is built around an assortment of pre-existing, usually…
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Jul 19, 2016

“Macbeth” – July 13, 2016

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” One of Shakespeare’s scariest lines comes from what is easily his scariest play,…
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Jul 10, 2016

“A Winter’s Tale” – July 6, 2016

Prince Hamlet is a moody death-metal addict with a messed-up ghost on his case. The jealous monarch from The Winter’s Tale has become a tyrannical…
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Jul 10, 2016

“The Invisible Hand” – June 9, 2016

Money corrupts, as does Power, and they often work together, because of course, everywhere you go in this world, money is power. In playwright Ayad…
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Jun 01, 2016

“West Side Story” – June 2, 2016

West Side Story—Sondheim, Bernstein and Laurents’ beloved 50s-era street-gang homage to Romeo and Juliet. Few American musicals are as widely loved…
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Jun 01, 2016

“Red Velvet” – May 25, 2016

Fictionalized history, like ‘free trade’ and ‘forgotten memories,’ is something of an oxymoron. The minute you introduce fiction to a story, its…
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May 11, 2016

“Bob” – May 12, 2016

The writings of San Francisco playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb have always been a balance of the weird, the wondrous, the sensitive, and the cynical.…
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“Twelfth Night” – May 4, 2016

For several years, the lack of strong roles for women has been the talk of the theater world, lighting up blogs and theater-related websites. With…
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May 03, 2016

“Anne Boleyn” – April 27, 2016

Anne Boleyn lost her head. Everyone knows that. Little else is known about the infamously short-lived second wife of King Henry VIII. Largely because…
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Apr 06, 2016

“Time Stands Still” – April 7, 2016

War is not just about bombs and bullets and blood. It’s also about politics and position and power. Playwright Donald Margulies is not particularly…
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Mar 23, 2016

“God of Carnage” – March 23, 2016

As theatergoers, we occasionally attend plays we never previously liked, and end up changing our minds by the end. Maybe the acting and directing…
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Feb 16, 2016

“Kismet” – February 17, 2016

Last year, Spreckels Theater Company staged an unconventional revival of Rogers and Hammerstein’s ‘Carousel,’ a play many have heard of but few have…
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Jan 27, 2016

“A Steady Rain” – January 28, 2016

Good cop. Bad cop. It’s a formula so mainstream that it was the basis of a character in the ‘The LEGO Movie,’ where Liam Neeson voiced the…
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Jan 19, 2016

“Mahalia Jackson” – January 6, 2016

“Sometimes,” exhorts actress Sharon E. Scott, stirringly embodying the rich voice and sassy-sweet attitude of the great Gospel singer Mahalia…
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Jan 19, 2016

“Into The Woods” – January 13, 2016

Magic isn’t easy. And sometimes, it takes a village to make something truly magical—and that even goes for fairy tale villages perched on the edge of…
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Dec 08, 2015

“Polar Bears” – December 9, 2015

Many of our Christmas entertainment traditions are tales of tribulation from Jimmy Stewart contemplating suicide in It’s a Wonderful Life to Charlie…
Default Image
Nov 17, 2015

“Seminar” – November 18, 2015

It has been said that there is nothing less dramatic or more lacking in entertainment value than watching a writer write. In the clever comedy-drama…
Default Image
Oct 21, 2015

“The Creature” – October 21, 2015

1999 years ago, an unmarried teenage mother had a bad dream. The next morning, she decided to turn that dream into a short story. Over the next few…
Default Image
Oct 06, 2015

“Glorious” – October 7, 2015

Oh, the glory of the human voice. And the power of the human mind to hear one’s own voice, and somehow experience it as beautiful when to other’s…
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Jul 28, 2015

“Yesterday, Again” – July 29, 2015

It’s a mystery, a challenge, a puzzle, a conundrum. How do you keep theater alive and interesting, when the majority of your audience has proven…
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Jul 15, 2015

“Shiner” – July 16, 2015

For those who prefer not to travel far for their onstage entertainment, and like to avoid any excursions into foreign territory, there are,…
Default Image
Jul 14, 2015

“Twelfth Night” – July 15, 2015

“Twelfth Night” is amongst Shakespeare’s most popular plays, in part because the story is so accessible, and the situations so universally funny.…
Default Image
Jun 30, 2015

“Head Over Heels” – July 1, 2015

Well, the recent Supreme Court ruling affirming marriage equality to all couldn’t be better timed, ‘cause the big celebration’s already started up in…
Default Image
Jun 23, 2015

“Oh, What A Night!” – June 24, 2015

Lets talk about inspiration. Inspiration is often likened to lightning striking, or an electric bulb popping on over our heads. Metaphorically, when…
Default Image
May 26, 2015

“Peter Pan” – May 27, 2015

No one’s ever done an official scientific study on this, but I have observed certain conspicuous distinctions between the way adults react to the…
Default Image
May 06, 2015

“Point Break Live!” – May 6, 2015

Whatever else one says about “Point Break Live!,” you have to agree there aren’t many other live entertainments where the audience is doused with…
Default Image
Apr 21, 2015

“Nunsense!” – April 22, 2015

There may be more-than-one theatrical franchise of musical plays that started out as a line of greeting cards showing nuns saying vaguely racy…
Default Image
Apr 07, 2015

“Venus in Fur” – April 8, 2015

Something kinky has been taking place lately in the world of mainstream entertainment. Sadism and masochism are now to romantic comedy what romance…
Default Image
Mar 02, 2015

“The Convert” – March 4, 2015

Change is part of life. Some changes are easy, others much less so. And when cultures collide, change is often dangerous, violent, and destructive.…
Default Image
Feb 18, 2015

“Carousel” – February 18, 2015

“Carousel,” the second musical created by the legendary Rogers & Hammerstein, is noted today for two major things. One – it’s the show from which we…
Default Image
Jan 20, 2015

“The Fever” – January 21, 2015

I saw an amazing performance last weekend, but I have no clue how to properly describe what I saw. I could start by talking about Wallace Shawn, the…
Default Image
Jan 13, 2015

“Clybourne Park” – January 14, 2015

One need not have ever seen Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 play A Raisin in the Sun to appreciate the setup – or laugh at the jokes – in Bruce Norris’s…
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