running in“rep”. The plays will continue to be performed in Newman Auditorium while themusicals are being done in the SRT Performance Pavilion; an enclosed,air-conditioned, hi-tech tent erected over the campus tennis courts that seats300 in-the-round.

Their season opened in June with the 147th BayArea production of Mamma Mia! and continues with the musical Bonnie& Clyde. It had a brief Broadway run in 2011 before being relegated tothe regional and community theatre circuit. Opening with the deaths of BonnieParker (Jamie Goodson) and Clyde Barrow (Cameron Blakeley), it travels throughtime from their childhood to their violent end.

Young Bonnie (Evie Goodwin) wants to be a movie star likeClara Bow and Young Clyde (Liev Bruce-Low) wants to be an outlaw like Billy theKid. Their older counterparts meet cute and in no time one of their dreamscomes true. Along for the ride is Clyde’s brother Buck (CJ Garbin), his wifeBlanche (Gabbi Browdy), and local constable Ted Hinton (Jeremy Beloate) who pinesfor Bonnie but will soon join forces with the lawmen sent to track the gangdown.

Taking a cue from the 1967 Hollywood blockbuster starringWarren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, the show presents a highly fictionalized andromanticized version of the story with a book by Ivan Menchell, music by FrankWildhorn and lyrics by Don Black. Music director Jane Best and a nine-pieceorchestra (tucked behind a curtain in the back) do a good job with themostly-unmemorable mixture of country, blues, and gospel music.

The young cast who, in a rarity, are actually close to theages of the protagonists, do well by their roles with particularly strong workdone by Goodson and Browdy. Beloate shines in the show’s stand-out number “YouCan Do Better Than Him”.

Director James Newman mostly meets the challenges ofperforming in-the-round, though sight-line and audio issues are present,especially for those sitting directly in front of the orchestra. The minimalistset by Sarah Beth Hall works and there’s creative use of crates, suitcases andtrunks to create various set pieces. Terrific costuming by Megan Richardsonevokes the period.

SRT’s Bonnie & Clyde is a well-crafted andwell-performed production of a mediocre musical.

‘Bonnie & Clyde’ runs through August 7 in the SRT PerformancePavilion at the back of the campus of Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa. Addsome extra time to your plans to find it. Dates and times vary.

For specific show dates and times and ticketing information,go to

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