Post-Fire Reporting on Equity Issues

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Informe: County Sheriff Plans Better Community Relations

Parte 2 En la segunda parte de la entrevista, Adia White habla con Mark Essick sobre sus planes para desarrollar su relación con la comunidad. Part 2 -- In the second part of their interview, KRCB reporter Adia White talks with newly elected Sonoma County sheriff Mark Essick about his plans to improve the department's relationship with the community, especially the Latino community. This story supported by a grant from Internews. (Photo: Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick takes his oath. Credit: Sonoma County Sheriff's Department)
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Informe: Essick, Sonoma County Sheriff Plans Prison Reform

Parte 1 En la primera parte de esta entrevista, reportera Adia White habla con el jefe del departamento de Sheriff del condado de Sonoma, Mark Essick, sobre sus esperanzas de reducir la población de personas encarceladas. (Part 1 -- In the first part of this interview, reporter Adia White talks with Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick about his hopes for reducing the prison population.) (Photo: Newly elected sheriff Mark Essick, before his ascendance to his current role. Credit: Photo supplied) This story supported by a grant from Internews.
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Informe: Santa Rosa Mayor Questions Need for Translations

Parte 4 En la parte final, Adia White y Tom Schwedhelm hablan del propuesto económico de la ciudad y Schwedhelm's políticas de traducción en el ayuntamiento. (Part 4 -- In the final part of this series, KRCB's Adia White and Santa Rosa mayor Tom Schwedhelm talk about Santa Rosa’s economy and Schwedhelm’s policies about providing translation during city council meetings.)
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Informe: Santa Rosa's Mayor on the City's Homeless Crisis

Parte 3 En la tercera parte de la entrevista, White habla con Schwedhelm sobre el problema de personas sin hogar en Santa Rosa. (Part 3 -- In the third part of the interview, KRCB reporter Adia White talks with Santa Rosa's new mayor Tom Schwedhelm about the homeless crisis in Santa Rosa.) (Image: Homeless person in Santa Rosa. Credit: Franco Folini) This story supported by a grant from Internews.
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Informe: Santa Rosa Mayor Schwedhelm Lays Out Priorities

Parte 2 En la segunda parte de la entrevista, Adia White habla con Tom Schwedhelm sobre sus prioridades para su primer año en la oficina. (Part 2 -- In the second part of the interview, KRCB's Adia White speaks with Santa Rosa mayor Tom Schwedhelm about his priorities for his first year in office.) This story supported by a grant from Internews.
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Informe: Tom Schwedhelm Becomes Santa Rosa Mayor

Parte 1 En la primera parte de esta entrevista, el alcalde de Santa Rosa, Tom Schwedhelm habla con reportera Adia White sobre como llegó a su posición. (Part 1-- In the first part of this interview, Santa Rosa mayor Tom Schwedhelm talks with reporter Adia White about his background.) This story supported by a grant from Internews.
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Informe: Health Expert Mario Beteta Discusses Fire Trauma

En este segmento de Informe KBBF, Mario Beteta habla con Edgar Avila sobre cómo los incendios pueden tener repercusiones en la salud. En Español In this segment of Informe KBBF, Mario Beteta speaks with Edgar Avila about how health effects, including trauma, can be brought on by fires. When they spoke in November 2018, smoke from the Camp Fire was degrading the air quality throughout the Bay Area, from Paradise and Chico all the way down to San Francisco and the East Bay and into the San Joaquin Valley. Many in our community found themselves triggered by the fires, remembering the trauma and uncertainty of the 2017 fires. Those were made worse by the uneven communication with Spanish speakers in our community, due to lack of planning. This segment of Informe is in Spanish. This work supported by a grant from Internews. (Image: Smoke from…
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Informe: Museum of Sonoma County Commemorates Fire

Inaugurado en octubre de 2018 y hasta finales de enero de 2019, el Museo del Condado de Sonoma presentó una exposición (Del incendio, una comunidad reflexiona y reconstruye) sobre las respuestas artísticas a los incendios forestales de octubre de 2017 en Sonoma y los condados circundantes. Esta edición de Informe KBBF presenta al artista de Santa Rosa, Martín Zúñiga y el director del museo, Jeff Nathanson. En español y inglés. Opening in October, 2018 and running through the end of January, 2019, The Museum of Sonoma County presented an exhibition (From the Fire, a Community Reflects and Rebuilds) about artistic responses to the October, 2017 wildfires in Sonoma and surrounding counties. This edition of Informe KBBF features Santa Rosa artist Martín Zúñiga, talking about his work in both the fire anniversary show and a Day of the Dead…
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Santa Rosa City Council Votes to Extend Renter Protections

The Santa Rosa City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to extend the city’s prohibition on rental housing price gouging. The ordinance will now remain in effect until October of 2019. As part of the ordinance, landlords will be barred from raising the rent by more than 10 percent. As has been the case at other municipal meetings, not enough attention was given to Spanish translation. KRCB’s Adia White was at the meeting and has this report. Reporting for this story was supported by a grant from Internews. Beatrice Camacho stands with renters at the Santa Rosa city council meeting. Credit: Adia White
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Poor Air Quality Poses Health Hazard for Workers

Firefighters continue to battle the Camp Fire burning in Butte County, which is now at 135,000 acres and 35 percent contained. Air quality conditions throughout the North Bay remain poor due to the smoke. Reporter Adia White has more on the health implications for Sonoma County residents. Alejandro Lopez at the Graton Day Labor Center. Credit: Adia White Reporting for this story is supported by a grant from Internews.

Equity a Key Topic at 26th Annual Latino Health Forum

At the 26th annual Latino Health Forum, hosted by Sonoma State University last week, a number of presenters discussed how racial inequities may have a detrimental effect on health. Sarah Katz, is the chief epidemiologist with the Sonoma County Department of Health Services. KRCBs Adia White spoke…

Sonoma County Works to Finalize Disaster Recovery Plan

Sonoma County Officials are now working on finalizing their recovery and resiliency framework. The plan is a set of guidelines and goals that will determine how the County can best respond to and recover from natural disasters. One of the goals mentioned in the draft of the plan, is improving…

Sonoma Co. Releases Results of Emergency Alert Tests

On September 10 and 12, Sonoma County tested several emergency alert and warning systems. County officials reported that the test of the federal Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) was the first of its kind of the West Coast. Officials also tested SoCo Alert, which is a subscription based service.…

More Counseling Services Needed for Spanish Speakers

On the anniversary of the October wildfires, we have all been reminded of the trauma of last October. KRCB reporter Adia White looks at how this is affecting mental health for Spanish speakers as counseling services are not widely available in California HOPE counselor Georgina Tello Bugarin.…

Emergency Alert Test Lacks Spanish Translation for Broadcast

The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, requires that all government agencies provide equal access to information during disasters. KRCB reporter Adia White looks into how well agencies are complying with this requirement in the North Bay. Telecommunication tower. Photo Credit: Wikimedia…

Spanish Speakers Question Officials at Fire Recovery Event

On August 28, Sonoma County held its first wildfire recovery meeting entirely in Spanish – nearly 11 months after the October fires began. About a hundred people showed up at Lawrence Cook Middle School in Roseland to meet with county officials. Reporter Adia White was there and has more on…

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