Post-Fire Reporting on Equity Issues

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En este segmento de Informe KBBF, Mario Beteta habla con Edgar Avila sobre cómo los incendios pueden tener repercusiones en la salud.

En Español

In this segment of Informe KBBF, Mario Beteta speaks with Edgar Avila about how health effects, including trauma, can be brought on by fires.

When they spoke in November 2018, smoke from the Camp Fire was degrading the air quality throughout the Bay Area, from Paradise and Chico all the way down to San Francisco and the East Bay and into the San Joaquin Valley.

Many in our community found themselves triggered by the fires, remembering the trauma and uncertainty of the 2017 fires. Those were made worse by the uneven communication with Spanish speakers in our community, due to lack of planning.

This segment of Informe is in Spanish.

This work supported by a grant from Internews.


(Image: Smoke from Camp Fire travels throughout California in November, 2018. Credit: NASA)



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