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Zuniga painting after fires

Inaugurado en octubre de 2018 y hasta finales de enero de 2019, el Museo del Condado de Sonoma presentó una exposición (Del incendio, una comunidad reflexiona y reconstruye) sobre las respuestas artísticas a los incendios forestales de octubre de 2017 en Sonoma y los condados circundantes.

Esta edición de Informe KBBF presenta al artista de Santa Rosa, Martín Zúñiga y el director del museo, Jeff Nathanson.

En español y inglés.

Opening in October, 2018 and running through the end of January, 2019, The Museum of Sonoma  County presented an exhibition (From the Fire, a Community Reflects and Rebuilds) about artistic responses to the October, 2017 wildfires in Sonoma and surrounding counties.
This edition of Informe KBBF features Santa Rosa artist Martín Zúñiga, talking about his work in both the fire anniversary show and a Day of the Dead exhibition.
In addition, the director of the museum, Jeff Nathanson, talks about the fire exhibition. In the course of the interview, he apologizes for the fact that the museum was unable to complete Spanish descriptions of the artwork in time for the opening of the show; he was also made aware of the crucial role of radio station KBBF in alerting the community about how to stay safe during the catastrophe.
In response, the museum followed through on its plans for Spanish wall text, and added information about the role of KBBF to the exhibition.
This edition of Informe is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.
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{Pictured: Detail of painting created by Martín Zúñiga and members of the community, featured in "From the Fire.")

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