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Works to help small and medium-scale farms to be viable, ecologically-minded, and happy in their vocation. They help farmers buy things like input, supplies, services, value-added products, CSA deliveries. FarmsReach provides practical tools, services, and connections so farmers can learn from each other and optimize their operations.

CGN works to connect and support the many Sonoma county community gardens. Dedicated to providing access to resources, gardening training, technical assistance, fund development support, leadership training and other services to community gardens throughout the county, and to facilitating communication and partnership among community garden organizers, garden members, and the larger community.

Farm Stewards offers design, planning and consultations in ecological restoration, sustainable farming and land stewardship.  

Provides free, non-discriminatory assistance and educational opportunities to agricultural providers, land users, educators and anyone with land-based resource conservation needs, on a strictly volunteer basis. Conservation projects include: conservation education, soil erosion control, water quality enhancement, range management, vineyard development, woodland, forestry and wildlife management, watershed and stream enhancement.

FarmShorts is creating the online visual landscape of sustainable agriculture, one amazing farmer at a time. Kala Philo, Sonoma County Videographer and Producer, and her team created the project as a gift in celebration of our local sustainable farmers, food and agri-tourism. Our first region, FarmShorts NorthBay, was crowdfunded by the community and supported in-kind by local artists so that we could offer the videos to the farmers at no charge. For more information please see

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