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Three Ocean Advocates: Inspiring Change - Barbara Crites
Barbara has documented the harming effects of the warming oceans and has seen first-hand bleaching coral, bacterial diseases, loss of fish habitat and more.

For the past 10 years while snorkeling around St John, Barbara has collected over 90,000+ images. Although not a trained scientist, Barbara’s research and photo-work proves she is a citizen scientist. Images are cataloged on her website SNORKEL ST JOHN, a marine wildlife identification site and her Facebook page. By making these photos available to the public, Barbara has created an open resource with the opportunity to engage with anyone who visits her site, visits the Virgin Islands and has a comment or question about the marine life they saw underwater. It is a direct way of engaging with the community at large.

Three Ocean Advocates focuses on an artist, a fisherman and a photographer, each taking actions that inspire hope for our ailing oceans. Our oceans are suffering from plastic pollution, climate change, acidification, and warming. Through everyday people whose commonality is their passion for the ocean, we see how individual actions can make a difference. Viewers witness how our actions will determine the fate of the ocean and its health for future generations to come.
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10/1 at 12:30 p.m. on KRCB

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