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In the underserved community of East Palo Alto, neighbors increasingly feel the impacts of climate change in their homes. Members of Youth United for Community Action are making a difference not only through climate activism but also by establishing their center as a hub for climate resilience. Lear...
Cool Petaluma
In Petaluma, residents are building a planet-friendly community, block-by-block. For more information visit: Video producer: Jeremy Jue
On this episode of “Living with Climate Change,” Bay Area Bountiful explores the ways youth in our region are addressing our changing climate: through environmental education, creative problem-solving, and local resilience-building.
Bay Area Bountiful: Living With Climate Change – Heads Above Water
In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a maritime region. Our nearby ocean and Bay influence everything in our lives: the air we breathe, the water we drink—and sometimes, even the weather that leads to droughts and floods. Here, we are literally "living on the edge" of climate change, as sea level r...
Bay Area Bountiful explores living with climate change in this first of a three-part series. Projections and modeling may provide insight on a broader scale, but Bay Area residents already feel the impact of climate change. We discuss changes to expect in our everyday lives, and what individuals, mu...
Bay Area Bountiful: Finding Home
On this episode of Bay Area Bountiful, we turn our lens to the region’s housing crisis. We’ll learn about unique solutions that are providing shelter to those most in need — from a controversial RV parking program in Sebastopol, to a home-sharing model being used in the North and South Bay. We’ll he...

Northern California
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