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Drought & Cattle Ranching
Carissa Koopmann Rivers, a fifth generation cattle rancher, runs her operation, Rivers Red Angus, at Curry Canyon Ranch in the hills of Mount Diablo in collaboration with a conservation organization – Save Mount Diablo. Her Red Angus cattle graze on the landscape’s grasses and forage, which abates fire fuels in the area and maintains the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Rivers has been able to harness natural springs on the property to sustain the cattle, but due to the lack of rainfall and worsening drought, she has had to truck in water and outside feed for the cows.
Produced by Chelsea Wood and Isabel Fischer
Assistant Producer: Averie Schmuhl
Special Thanks to:
Dr. Leslie Roche
Carissa Koopmann Rivers
Rivers Red Angus
Curry Canyon Ranch
Save Mount Diablo

Northern California
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