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Climate Action Short Story
Youth leaders in Sunrise Movement Sonoma County are fighting for a climate-safe future for all people, and for policy that will create millions of good, green jobs. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to figure out how to adapt their work to a virtual landscape and continue their fight to stop climate change. For more information on Sunrise Movement Sonoma County, visit
Produced by Isabel Fischer
Special Thanks to: Janina Turner, Paulina Lopez, Lola Guthrie, Sierra Downey, Christine Byrne, Justin Borton, Gavin Sellors, Michael Kennedy, Tennessy Elledge, Ema Govea, Avani Borton, Connor DeVane
End photograph of Sunrise leaders holding banner (thumbnail) by Paige Green Photography
Other photographs courtesy of Sunrise Movement Sonoma County
Additional video by: Sierra Downey, Ken Kimari, Sonoma County Sheriff
American Tune Written by Paul Simon
Sunrise Movement songs courtesy of Sunrise Movement

Northern California
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