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Biodiversity and Social Diversity: A Resilient Food System
When we talk about resilience in agriculture, we often talk about biodiversity -- how growing many different types of plants and crops together makes a farming operation stronger. The same could be said of our entire food and agriculture system -- in who is farming our food, and how many people are growing food. Farmers of color in the United States, especially Black farmers, have historically experienced, and continue to experience less access to land, resources, and information than white farmers have. And because many farmers of color hold generations of farming knowledge, as well as use regenerative farming methods, putting them at the forefront of our food system is an investment in climate resiliency. Ultimately, when we have a greater diversity of people growing our food, and more people growing their own food, our food system, and our communities, are stronger, more adaptable, and more resilient. (Produced by Isabel Fischer)

Northern California
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