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Hillside burning on Calistoga and Badger road

Glass Fire Photos Show Resilience and Devastation

September 28, 2020 Photography by Erik Castro, Photojournalist Erik Castro is a Santa Rosa based photojournalist who started his carreer covering homlessness and addiction in Seattle, Washington. Castro has won multiple National Press Photographers Association Awards for his multimedia work, wildfire coverage and more recently for his year-long homeless project, BROKEN. The following photos were taken in Santa Rosa overnight Sunday, September 27 and Monday, September 28. Hillside burning on…

Science & Health

Science & Health

Gavin Newsom by Gage Skidmore

Trump and Newsom: Political Frenemies Make Nice Amid California’s Mounting Disasters

By Laurel Rosenhall, Cal Matters September 14, 2020 It was looking a little lonely on the tarmac when President Donald Trump arrived in California this morning to be briefed about record-breaking wildfires that have burned an area the size of Connecticut, killed two dozen people and blanketed the…

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‘I Was Looking For Someone Like Me’ – Is Peer Counseling The Answer?

By Jocelyn Wiener, Cal Matters September 8, 2020 Keris Jän Myrick keeps a photo on her desk of the woman who helped transform her life. As a Black woman living with schizophrenia, Myrick had spent years searching for a mentor. Someone who wouldn’t judge, wouldn’t pathologize, wouldn’t ask her to…

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