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Camp Fire

Building Resilience After Tragedy

Friday marks one year since the devastating Camp Fire. The anniversary, in addition to the Kincade Fire, will trigger traumatic memories for many in our community. But hardship can be used to build strength. Joyce-Mikal Flynn is a professor of nursing at California State University Sacramento and the author of the book Turning Tragedy into Triumph. North State Public Radio’s Sarah Bohannon spoke with her about what people can do to gain control over fear. (Image: The Camp Fire as seen from…

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Men Caring

Documentary "Men Caring" Honors Those Who Support Adults With Disabilities

In his film, "Men Caring", Bill Chayes breaks down stereotypes about adults living with disabilities and their caregivers. One of the stereotypes he addresses is that caregivers are all female. The film follows three men who work with adults with disabilities and talks about the bonds they form…

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Cinder Fire Butte

How to Prepare for Fires, Power Outages and Other Emergencies

Have an Evacuation Plan Review Sonoma County's current incident page. This map will be updated to display the latest county emergency. It will not be active if there is no emergency. Review CAL FIRE'S evacuation guide and make a plan. Stay Up To Date Sign up for emergency notifications and monitor…

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Fire Recovery

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California Burning Podcast: Using Fire to Protect Forests

We take a look at fire prevention techniques that have been used in California for thousands of years. Matt Fidler, the creator of the podcast and radio series “California Burning” reports, that native Californians used fire to maintain the land and also their culture for thousands of years. Listen…

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