Health Connections

Health Connections

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Have you noticed the Health Connections logo in our Open Air program guides and on Northern California Public Media television? Do you wonder what it means? Health Connections is Northern California Public Media's response to Sonoma County’s Health Action Council’s call to action to make Sonoma County the healthiest in the State by 2020. It is an initiative designed to use our many media platforms to engage, educate, and ultimately challenge our audiences to build a healthy community and live healthy lifestyles.

HC-lowerWhat does it look like when a community is healthy? There’s more to it than eating fruits and vegetables and exercising. Community health is measured in high school graduation rates, economic stability, physical activity, access to health care, and the prevention of injuries, among others. Watch for programming on Northern California Public Media that focuses on these different aspects of individual and community health.

In addition to the regular programming on Northern California Public Media, you will see more locally-produced relevant programming and web content designed to impact the health and well-being of all Bay Area residents. Beyond programming content, Northern California Public Media will work with local individuals, organizations and government agencies to track and broadcast our community successes.

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