rosa isabel smTo learn more about the work of Pueblo Unido which works in the Eastern Coachella Valley on housing, infrastructure, safe drinking water, flood control, health, as well as other community and economic development issues, consult:

The Pesticide Action Network of North America (PAN-NA) is one of five regional PAN offices around the world geared to providing information on pesticides and supporting local and international organizing and policy advocacy to protect farm workers’ health and the health of rural communities, consumer and labor rights.  To obtain help or support their campaigns:

Mom’s Clean Air Force is a national organization with chapters in 25 states and Washington DC.  They work on both national and local projects to reduce air pollution, fight climate change and improve children and family health.  In partnership with GreenLatinos, they created EcoMadres to specifically organize in Latinx communities and work places.

Water Equity and Climate Resilience Caucus is a national network of organizations across the US working to ensure everyone has affordable access to reliable, safe/clean drinking water.  They have worked to bring to public attention to the fact that access to water is a human right recognized by the United Nations, and to ensure that this need is covered in federal infrastructure plans.  For more information:

[PHOTO: Rosa Gonzalez interviews Isabel Arzeno Soltero, an oceanographer at U.C. Irvine about the Salton Sea. Credit: Molly Peterson]

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