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rosa isabel smToday’s episode was written by Molly Peterson, with Olivia Rodriguez Mendez. They produced this podcast with the help of Rosa Gonzalez and Adriana Torres, our narrators. 

Find more resources for understanding and action here.

Additional interpretation services were contributed by Monica Desiderio and Mariel Sommers, who also contributed voiceovers.

Special thanks to Jennie Whitcomb at Sacred Heart Preparatory, and Pati Leal of North Shore. 

The featured musicians are Ocho Ojos, who are based in Coachella, California. They have a Bandcamp site.

The Living Downstream theme music is by David Schulman

Chris Lee is radio executive producer and Darren LaShelle is the President and CEO of Northern California Public Media.

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[PHOTO: Rosa Gonzalez interviews Isabella B. Arzeno Soltero, an oceanographer at U.C. Irvine about the Salton Sea. Credit: Molly Peterson]

Listen to an earlier episode about the Coachella Valley from producer Ruxandra Guidi.


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