Nonfiction that reads like a novel, and a novel steeped in modern California history are approached by Suzanne M Lang in conversation with Joanna FitzPatrick and Jeanne Baker Guy.

fitz1colony image002FitzPatrick’s novel, The Artist Colony is a murder mystery set at a women’s art colony in the dynamic environment of 1924 Carmel-by-the Sea. Though a work of fiction, it vividly paints the weather and landscape of the area, that has so inspired artists, and is set in the early Twentieth Century, when women, who just got the vote, were struggling to be taken seriously as artists.





Baker guy1never find image004Jeanne Baker Guy has produced a memoir of a time in her life when her ex-husband kidnapped their two children; the story of her struggle to locate them and bring them home is the story of You’ll Never Find Us. Both books are published by She Writes Press.






A Novel Idea

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