iolero logo carousel 500Karlene Navarro, director of Sonoma County's Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach spoke with KRCB last week after she released a letter describing her concerns about COVID-19 procedures during the arrest of protestors in Santa Rosa on June 2.
The heart of her concern was this: "The complaints described protesters being arrested and put into crowded holding cells without masks, without access to phone calls, and without other COVID-19-related safety measures. It was also reported that many of the law enforcement officers involved were not wearing masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE)."
Navarro wanted it made clear that the police rejected all the claims, but that she has requested information and documentation about the incident.
News director Steve Mencher also spoke with Navarro about her office's policies and procedures, including the fact that IOLERO in unable by law to do investigations of the sheriff's department. For Navarro, there are "pros and cons" to this system. Still, she feels that a collaborative relationship with the sheriff's office can result in positive outcomes.
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