William Meese
Bay Area Bountiful: Life Underground – Bay Area Soil Health
In this edition of Bay Area Bountiful, we dig below Earth’s surface to get the dirt on what it takes to make healthy soils. We learn about the impacts of soil salinity, why composting and carbon sequestering are vital, how soils can retain more water and recharge subterranean aquifers, and what the...
Bay Area Bountiful: Hazy Daze - Bay Area Air Quality
More wildfires and higher temperatures combine to produce more days with poor air quality throughout our region. Bay Area Bountiful visits the Bay area Air Quality Management District to learn about the unique Bay geography and weather patterns that affect clear skies, and the district’s ongoing eff...
We spoke with three Bay Area fire chiefs from Cal Fire to learn more on how to best prepare ourselves, our homes and our communities for California's now year-round wildfire season. Jessica Power, a fire marshal with the Petaluma Fire Department, Tonya Talavera, a fire marshal with the Milpitas Fire...
Bay Area Bountiful: Preparing for Fire
On this episode of Bay Area Bountiful, we visit a rebuilt Santa Rosa winery destroyed by the 2017 Tubbs Fire; we discover how some wildfire mitigation may actually damage Sonoma County communities; we spoke with three Bay Area fire chiefs as they advised us on fire preparedness practices; we see how...

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