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  • bab blackowned 603x452
    February 09, 2021

    Bay Area Bountiful: Celebrate Black Owned Businesses

    Tuesday, February 23 at 9 pm on KRCB TV in the North Bay. For February, Bay Area Bountiful celebrates Black History Month with local leaders who are making history. From volunteers at the Sonoma County Black Forum feeding families with food insecurity, to Black-owned restaurants embracing…
  • marchingforward 603x452
    February 08, 2021

    Marching Forward

    Monday, February 22 at 9 pm on KRCB TV in the North Bay. This documentary shares the story of two high school band directors – one black, one white – whose love of music and dedication to their students inspired an atypical collaboration in the segregated south.
  • fatboy 603x452
    February 06, 2021

    Fat Boy: The Billy Stewart Story

    Saturday, February 20 at 8 pm on KPJK TV in the South Bay Chronicles the life and career of one of the most popular rhythm and blues singers of the 1960s, tracing his journey from a young piano player to a famous R&B balladeer.
  • kennedy 603x452
    February 03, 2021

    The Kennedy Half-Century

    Monday, February 15 at 9 pm on KRCB TV in the North Bay. Based on Larry Sabato's new book, The Kennedy Half-Century chronicles the impact and influence of John F. Kennedy's life, administration, and tragic death on the general public, the media, and every subsequent US president.
  • wagingchange 603x452
    January 30, 2021

    Waging Change

    Saturday, February 13 at 8 pm on KPJK TV in the South Bay. Waging Change shines a spotlight on the challenges faced by restaurant workers trying to feed themselves and their families off tips and the growing movement to end the tipped minimum wage, which is still $2.13 in many states.
  • nova forgottengenius 603x452
    Jan 25, 2021

    NOVA: Forgotten Genius

    Monday, February 8 at 8 pm on KRCB TV in the North Bay. NOVA presents the remarkable life story of Percy Julian – not only one of the great African…
  • babawain 603x452
    Jan 23, 2021

    Baba Wain: A Musical Note in the Key of Beauty

    Saturday, February 6 at 8 pm on KPJK TV in the South Bay. Jazz drummer E.W. Wainwright uses music as a starting point to stress the values of…
  • battlegroundeverglades algae 603x452
    Jan 20, 2021

    Battleground Everglades: Algae Explosion

    Wednesday, February 3 at 8 pm on KPJK TV in the South Bay. Charles J. Kropke speaks with scientists, environmentalists, and legislators on all sides…
  • silentwitness momentofsurrender 603x452
    Jan 18, 2021

    Silent Witness: Moment of Surrender, Part 1

    Monday, February 1 at 9 pm on KPJK TV in the South Bay. Haunted by her experiences in Mexico, Nikki Alexander is struggling to come to terms with…
  • humannature 603x452
    Jan 18, 2021

    NOVA: Human Nature

    Monday, February 1 at 8 pm on KRCB TV in the North Bay. Our DNA can determine attributes from eye color to medical predispositions. An extraordinary…
  • Horowitz 603x452
    Jan 17, 2021

    Great Performances: The Magic of Horowitz

    Sunday, January 31 at 8 pm on KRCB TV in the North Bay. Experience legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz’s 1986 Russian homecoming for a sold-out…

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