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The Northern California Public Media Leadership Circle is a group of donors whose annual support reaches $500 (Producer), $1000 (Great Performer), $2500 (Luminary) or $5000 and above (Visionary).

Gifts at this level are key to public radio and television stations' growth through enhancement of programming and equipment improvement. Special benefits accrue to Leadership Circle members including on-air recognition, and invitations to special events.

Please call Cindy Corrello Hilke for details. 510.461.6144.

 Leadership Circle Benefits

All Leadership Circle donors receive:

** Publicity on KRCB 104.9/91.1—A promotional spot to benefit your favorite non profit's mission or upcoming event.

** Acknowledgement on KRCB TV in the North Bay, KPJK TV in the South Bay, & KRCB FM Radio 91 and in our Open Air program guide.

** A private tour of the broadcast facilities with President & CEO, Darren LaShelle.

** Special events with PBS and/or NPR personalities.

** Tickets to special events.

** The quarterly letter "Notes from Darren" with an inside-the-station perspective from Darren LaShelle, President & CEO.


A hearty thanks to the Northern California Public Media Leadership Circle Donors! From the Board, management, staff and volunteers!

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