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Welcome to our Fundraising CD for 2021, Connections 7.

As the Summer of 2021 was winding down, I came across a social media post from one of my musician friends, Alison Harris. Alison is a champion of equality for women in the Northern California music scene. While her post pointed out the disparity between women and men, she also encouraged us to "make it a point to feature, celebrate, collaborate with, and lift up women. -Doug Jayne

I accidentally started a huge conversation about the lack of visibility, opportunity and recognition of women in the music industry by sharing the pain of exclusion in a public online forum. 175 local women responded with 365 comments. Doug Jayne and I began to dialogue about it, and Connections 7 was born. Thanks KRCB and Doug for supporting local women and other marginalized groups in the music industry. Here's to more visible voices, may we all lean into uncomfortable moments of open communication and growth that lead to meaningful connection. -Alison Harris

Thanks to all the talented women who donated songs to this CD. Let the conversation continue!

Compiled & Produced by Doug Jayne & Alison Harris Sonoma County CA Winter 2021

Connections 7 is available with a donation to support KRCB 104.9 on our Donation Page.


Track 1: Saritah: New Day (3:26)

"New Day is a reminder to give thanks for each and every new day that we are blessed with. In these trying times, may we remember to infuse our days with gratitude, grace and the determination to make the most of each new day."
Song credits: written by S. Newman, produced + mixed by Tommi Tikkanen, mastered by Tim Boyce.

tumbleweed soul

Track 2: Tumbleweed Soul: Freedom Talk (5:15)

Tumbleweed Soul is an American Roots project based in the San Francisco North Bay, led by Stephanie Salva and Adam Walsh, best known for their role in the beloved North Bay band the Jug Dealers. With powerful harmonies and eclectic songwriting that is both familiar yet fresh, their growing catalog of original songs reflects their love of the deep city juke joints and country shacks where Americana was born. Jazz, Blues, R&B, Country, Funk, Soul, and Old Timey Traditionals all find a home at a Tumbleweed show. In 2019 the pair were joined by legendary drummer, Greg Anton (Zero) and Bay Area bassist, Mike Dipirro (Free Peoples). They are currently working on their first full length album at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati California.

Song Credits: Vocals/Ukelele: Stephanie Salva
Vocals/Guitar: Adam Walsh
Vocals/Upright Bass: Mike Dipirro
Drums: Greg Anton 
Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios 2020
Engineering & Mixing: Nigel Wolovick, Oz Fritz
Mastering: Howie Weinberg

Ismay Snap Jackson

Track 3: Ismay: Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie (4:20)

Traditional Cowboy Folk Song

Song Credits: Vocals and Baritone Electric: Avery Hellman
Upright Bass: Owen Clapp
Mandolin: Andrew Allen-Fahlander
Wurlitzer: Justin Kohlberg
Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios
Engineering & Mixing: Nate Nauseda
Mastering: JJ Golden


Track 4: Lenkadu: Birthing (3:33)

Lenkadu is an avant-garde electronic music producer and a performer from the Czech Republic, now based in Forestville, CA. The axis of Lenkadu music is her free voice, which she uses unconventionally as an instrument with a wide emotional imprint.

The Artist’s story behind ‘Birthing’:

I wrote this song from the experience of giving birth to our son. Birthing for me was a sublime participation in mother nature’s ingenious design for creating and protecting life. My mind and body worked in a unison, allowing me to relax as I was carried on the journey of life and filling me with confidence in my capacity to endure.

Ali Mann

Track 5: Ali Weiss: Does She Know (4:43)

"I am really honored to be included in this compilation of fine Sonoma County female artists. Although I am not currently performing as a solo artist I am singing and dancing and making music everyday with my husband, Warren Mann, in our interactive early music education program - Mini Music. Hopefully as our children get a little bit older, we will be out performing our "grown up" songs again."
-Ali Weiss
Song credits: Writers: Ali Weiss, Davey Faragher and Tonio K
Producers: Michael Urbano and Lyle Workman
Vocals: Ali Weiss and Davey Faragher
Guitar - Lyle Workman
Bass - Davey Faragher
Keyboard - Zac Rae
Drums - Michael Urbano

For more info please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Track 6: Schlee: Run Run Baby (4:49)

"I wrote this song about burning out and burning the candle at both ends moreover about if you don’t do the things you wanna be do and chase your dreams the weight of it all will crash down and you will be one big bummer of a person! so follow your heart!"
Song Credits: 
Written by: Schlee
Guitar & Vocals: Schlee
Base 6 & Strat: John Courage
Mixed & Mastered by Stuart Markham
Background Vocals: Alison Harris
Drums: Dan Ford
Recorded & Produced by John Courage

rachel tree

Track 7: Rachel Tree: Home (4:11)

Folk songstress Rachel Tree has been performing throughout the Bay Area for the past 30 years. She has long believed in the healing power of the voice and her soulful performances are a testament to that belief. A fan once said that experiencing Rachel’s singing was like “witnessing a prayer”. Her diverse musical influences range from traditional folk, gospel and blues to North Indian classical and beyond. In 2014, she toured with the internationally renowned singing group, Kitka.

Her songs reflect her reverence for the natural world, her personal transformative journey and her deep desire for global peace and justice. She is also a trained music therapist who specializes in working with elders with Alzheimer’s.

Song credits: Rachel Tree: Vocals and guitar
Recorded by Jeff Martin in Camp Meeker, 1996
(Waves recorded by Jack Springett at Portuguese Beach during a waxing gibbous moon in Sagittarius:)


Track 8: Kayatta: Mercy Me (2:59)

Kayatta is an American rapper, poet, producer and educator who grew up in the drug tattered streets of West Oakland. Over the years she has developed into an all around talent who is not only skilled on stage but extremely effective in the classroom. Recently crowned best Hip Hop artist in Sonoma Kayatta continues to push the envelope socially, creatively, and dutifully. Effortlessly fusing poetry with drums and bass to create sonic goodness that seethes with musical audacious honey. Imagine Mc Lyte meets Ladybug meets Tupac.

Currently residing in Petaluma California Kayatta has found her niche and has been able to create musical compositions that speak to the masses. Not only is she extremely gifted with words she has a keen sense to connect with the community in a way that is healing and spiritual. This approach has resulted in a faithful community of fans who understand and can relate to the art she is curating and delivering.

eki shola

Track 9: Eki Shola: Risk Reward (3:26)

Credits: Risk Reward composed, produced, performed, mixed, and mastered by Eki Shola
Eki'Shola, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Unmute Magazine
Feel through music I Define through words

poyntless sistars

Track 10: Poyntlyss Sistars: Something’s Got a Hold on Me (4:20)

The Poyntlyss Sistars Show Band has been performing around the bay area for nearly forty years. Musicians and vocalists have occasionally left the band, only to return to this powerful, long-running show band that just won't quit. We often say that we will remain Poyntlyss and Proud to the bitter end...currently, there is no end in sight.
Song credits: Cathy Slack, our lovely, talented vocalist, sings the lead on this one, and is backed by:
lead guitarist, Davey Go,
drummer Scott Vonheim
bassist Taz Hollingsworth
keyboardist Bob McBain
vocalist / percussionist Sharon Jones
vocalist Jane Sorensen
recorded at "Musician's Co-op Studio on Piner Road, Santa Rosa.

duo quartet

Track 11: Duo Quartet: Lucky Charm (2:39)

Duo Quartet is Pamela Delgado, Jeri Jones, Nina Gerber and Chris Webster. Live music, rich harmony vocals, intricate guitar work, lively percussion.
Song credits: Lucky Charm written by Pam Delgado

ash reyes

Track 12: Ash Reyes: Before I Was Bad (2:54)

Song credits: Music and Lyrics by Ash Reyes
Recorded by Ash Reyes and Darwin Meiners
Mixed and Mastered by Darwin Meiners


Track 13: Bandjango Collectif: La Javanaise (4:04)

French Jazz Manouche meets New Orleans Swing with Traditional Roma Flair! Excellent music for: Festivals; Concerts (support or headline) Weddings

Performed By: Stella Heath, Gabe Pirard, Jimmy Inciardi, Skyler Stover

Jen Tucker

Track 14: Jen Tucker Band: Night is a Wheel (5:14)

Jen Tucker is an American folk singer-songwriter who crafts musical stories of adventure, good times, wisdom, and magic.

Song credits: Jen Tucker: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Kyle Martin: Lead guitar, Steinway piano, bass, harmony vocal
Kevin Cole: Drums
Produced by Jen Tucker, Kyle Martin & Chez Marolo
Lead Engineer Chez Marolo
Recorded and mixed at Prairie Sun Recording Studio in Cotati, CA
Mastered by Gil Tamazyanat at Capsule Labs in Los Angeles, CA

bad luck magpies

Track 15: Bad Luck Magpies: The Gallows Pole (3:32)

The Bad Luck Magpies are a female folk harmony group with a dose of irreverence and a whole lot of sweetness.
Inspired by a mutual love of old folk, new folk, bluegrass, and Celtic traditions, 3 singers from a variety of different bands have created an exciting new group that blends their beautiful voices and lush instrumentals.

Amber Steffen

Track 16: Amber Steffen with Next Stop Wonderland: I Found the Sun (3:16)

"I stand with the many woman musicians who have been pioneers for those of us continuing to release sounds that influence culture, express from a feminine point of view and bring beauty to the world around us! Bravo to KRCB for presenting this project to promote local women artists in our community!"

Song credits: Songwriter/Vocals/Keys: Amber Steffen
Bass: Bob Groat
Cajon: Gary Huntsman
Violin: Sylvan Eidelman
Producer: Amber Steffen & Nathanael Iversen
Sound Engineer: Nathanael Iversen

allison harris

Track 17: Alison Harris: Cheer Up Champ (4:33)

"I accidentally started a huge conversation about the lack of visibility, opportunity and recognition of women in the music industry by sharing the pain of exclusion in a public online forum. 175 local women responded with 365 comments. Doug Jayne and I began to dialogue about it, and Connections7 was born. Thanks KRCB and Doug for supporting local women and other marginalized groups in the music industry. Here’s to more visible voices, may we all lean into uncomfortable moments of open communication and growth that lead to meaningful connection."
Song credits: Performed and Arranged by Alison Harris
Mellotron by Pat Sansone (Wilco)
Written by Tim Bluhm
Co-produced by Tim Bluhm and Alison Harris
Engineered by Tim Bluhm
Mastered by Jim Demain

Cover Art by Mae Blackmoremae blackmore

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