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Reveal siz mediumReveal is investigative journalism at its best from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. Reveal's award-winning journalists hold the powerful accountable and consistently shine a bright light on injustice in order to protect the most vulnerable in our society.
On January 9, 2016, KRCB will start broadcasting Reveal every Saturday morning at 8 am.


May 07, 2021

Why Police Reform Fails on REVEAL – Saturday at 8am  

St. Louis was an epicenter for police reform efforts. But most have failed. Now, six years after Ferguson, city leaders are trying something new. (Photo: Activist Brittany Ferrell and others march through the streets of St. Louis while protesting the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael…
April 09, 2021

The Robert Mueller of Latin America on Reveal – Saturday at 8am  

Guatemala sends more migrants to the U.S. than anywhere in Central America. What is driving so many people to leave? REVEAL airs every Saturday morning at 8:00 am on KRCB-FM Radio 91 / streaming @ / Download the FREE KRCB mobile app @ iTunes & Google Play! (Photo: Iván…
December 04, 2020

Join Us for a Special Hour of Fundraising with REVEAL – Saturday at 8am

Go back to the earliest days of slavery, and explores how that moment in history reverberates in American life to this day… Then, go to Detroit, where there’s a crisis in homeownership in African American neighborhoods. It’s a crisis the city itself helped create with a tax policy that’s forcing…
July 24, 2020

Join Us for a Special Fundraising Hour of REVEAL – Saturday at 8am

You’ll hear a story about tracking concussions in high school sports. You’ll look into how the school voucher program in Louisiana is reshaping education. And, you’ll hear a story about the murder of a black man in 1960’s Atlanta. The reporter sets out to investigate whether he was killed in…

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