Story Corps
Saturdays 7 PM - 11 PM
Jazz ConnectionsHosted by Chuck Sher and Larry Slater.
Classic jazz from the '20s through the present with knowledgeable and passionate local hosts.
Chuck Sher - 1st Saturday of each month: 
Chuck Sher is a long-time KRCB host of Jazz Connections, as well as a practicing jazz bassist, and a world-renowned jazz book publisher. His library of contemporary jazz is quite extensive and he really enjoys sharing his knowledge of the music and all the gems he has collected over the years---from Bill Evans to Keith Jarret to wonderful Brazilian and Latin music, and with a special focus on the best of European jazz players.
Larry Slater - 4th Saturday of each month:
Larry Slater is Sonoma County’s JazzMD.   A family physician for over 40 years, he has hosted Jazz Connections off and on for 20 years, bringing his eclectic taste and passion for jazz history to KRCB.  His thematic shows highlight the history of jazz, from jazz musician profiles to surveys of composers and innovators. 

Northern California
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