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sustainability_metaphor_320Our Gross National Product, as currently calculated, is not a good measure of actual economic productivity, much less the growing move toward more sustainable business practices.So says a San Francisco business school leader.

maggie_winslowMaggie Winslow, academic dean of the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, is not a big fan of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measurement of economic achievement. Not only does it tend to credit resource consumption as a positive, but she adds, it also fails to measure or even allow for numerous other gauges of quality of life.

sustainability-diagramThe current move toward sustainability in business, and the upheaval that accompanies it, is not really new, Winslow says. It's just the current manifestation of an economic phenomenon known as "creative destruction."

Maggie Winslow will be one of the featured keynote speakers at this year's Sustainable Enterpirse Conference in Rohnert Park on May 13. See a full schedule of events here.

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