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sheep_largeSheep may safely graze in vineyards during the dormant, winter months, but expanding that to a year-round option requires applying some ovine psychology.

Using an electric grid deterrent to train sheep is easier than you might think, explains Kelly Mulville.

Kelly MulvilleThe wires carry a charge of 3000 to 5000 volts, and are usually installed in a grid that can be electrified one section at a time. But that's not for the sake of the sheep.

Sheep-Grazing-in-vineyard-150x150Some growers may choose to plant cover crops between the vines that will be especially appealing to any sheep grazing there. But Mulville says that's not really necessary, as the animals are happy to feed on wild mustard and most of the other native plants that spring up unaided in the vineyards.

Kelly Mulville makes the case for combinging ovine grazing and grapevine growing on his website. And you can learn more about Mark Pasternak's Devil's Gulch Ranch and their activites here.


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