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containersSarah Holtz reported, produced and mixed this episode of Living Downstream: West Oakland's Diesel Death Zone. It was produced in collaboration with Northern California Public Media, Mensch Media, and The Oaklandside — a digital news outlet that describes its work as "amplifying community voices, sharing the power of real information, and investigating systems, not just symptoms." 

Music for this episode includes: 
Just Below the Surface
Suzy B
Collecting Samples
Algea Tender

The Living Downstream theme music is by David Schulman,

Special thanks to

Fern Uennatornwaranggoon of the Environmental Defense Fund; Andrea Vidaurre of the People's Collective for Environmental Justice; Patricio Portillo of the Natural Resources Defense Council; Sam Appel of the Blue Green Alliance; and Anthony Victoria and Christina Heartquist of Sunstone Strategies

Learn more about the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project here.

Host and senior producer, Steve Mencher, was the story editor for this episode. Chris Lee is radio executive producer and Darren LaShelle is the President and CEO of Northern California Public Media.

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Photos: Port of Oakland; (Miss) Margaret Gordon

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