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Luis Soil FactoryToday’s episode was reported and produced by Jonathan Miller. You can check out his work at He got help from Jimmy Jordan, Felix Teitelbaum, Esther Racoosin and Fred Balfour at WRFI, community radio for Ithaca and Watkins Glen. You can learn more about the station at For more about Ithaca’s Green New Deal, visit Thanks to Richard Rivera of the group OAR, that's Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources of Tompkins County. Also to Laura Branca of the Dorothy Cotton Institute, and Jordan Clemons of the Unbroken Promise Initiative. You can find links to all of them in our show notes. 

Find more resources for understanding and action here.

We used original music from pianist and Ithaca native Ben Miller, with additional music from Alex Reed. Also the song “Hills of Ithaca,” with words by Woody Guthrie, and music written and performed by the Burns Sisters. The Living Downstream Theme music is by David Schulman.

Chris Lee is radio executive producer and Darren LaShelle is the President and CEO of Northern California Public Media.

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[Image: Luis Aguirre-Torres (second from left), director of sustainability for the City of Ithaca, NY, meets with Cornell University scientists, artists, and students at The Soil Factory maker space. Credit: Jon Miller]

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