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latonya mister smThis story was reported, and mixed by Laura Isensee. She’s an independent journalist based in Texas.  

We have a sad update about Mister. He completed his bone marrow transplant, but then experienced complications. He passed away just a few weeks after we completed work on this episode. He was 13 years old.

Thanks to Texas Standard – a one hour daily news magazine heard across the state — for helping us get the word out about this story.

Music in this episode is by Lobo Loco and Nine Inch Nails, both used under Creative Commons licenses.

Also thanks to Smithsonian Folkways Recordings for the use of music by the late Texas blues artist, Lightnin’ Hopkins

Host and senior producer Steve Mencher was the story editor for this episode. Chris Lee is radio executive producer and Darren LaShelle is the President and CEO of Northern California Public Media.

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Image: LaTonya Payne and Mister. Credit: Laura Isensee

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