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lanza monitor croppedYou've been listening to Yvette Benavides with Degrees of Injustice: The Social Inequity of Urban Heat Islands.

Texas Public Radio’s David Martin Davies produced and mixed this episode with mixing and scoring help from TPR's News Director Dan Katz.

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Steve Mencher, the founding producer of Living Downstream, was the story editor.

Morgan McRae composed and scored the music. The Living Downstream theme music is by David Schulman

We also want to thank: Kayla Miranda, Sophia, Vivek Shandas, Kevin Lanza, Marta Garcia and Francis Acuña    

Chris Lee is radio executive producer and Darren LaShelle is the President and CEO of Northern California Public Media.

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[Image: Kevin Lanza installs a heat and humidity monitor at a bus stop in Austin. Credit: David Martin Davies] 

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