LunarMastadonNorCal Public Media celebrates Lunar New Year in the Bay Area with a series of videos that focus on Asian artists and their community contributions. Painting, calligraphy, sculpture, photography, music, and dance. Cultures from China and Japan to Southeast Asia and the Philippines share their unique artistic outlooks and talents with each other and the entire Bay Area during this special time, and throughout the year. 
LiewLucy Liew paints vibrant compositions of California flora and fauna because she is inspired by the beauty in nature that is often overlooked. Through her work she attempts to evoke a sense of intimacy and childlike wonder featuring close-up detail. Wildflowers are a powerful inspiration, she says, because they represent hope, diversity, and tenacity in the face of challenges.
TaSince 1998 Cuong Ta has been following his passion for ceramic art. A math teacher by trade, after taking a pottery class he discovered a true calling: making beautiful objects out of clay. We visit his amazing Emeryville studio and find out about some of his fascinating process.
Master calligrapher Jin Feng has a mission: to spread knowledge and appreciation of ancient Chinese calligraphy to as many adults and kids as possible. Visiting Huafeng Calligraphy's Campbell studio provides an up-close look at Jin's beautiful brush work, and we stay for a lesson with attentive students.
From hobbyist to professional, photographers strive to create images that reveal something about the world we all share. Whether capturing beauty or revealing meaningful truths, their work has the power to inspire, educate and bring us closer together. “Depth of Field” is a new video series from NorCal Public Media that profiles Bay Area photographers, exploring their unique visions in order to learn more about our communities and region.
With a name that means "Tribute," Parangal Dance Company’s mission is to honor Philippine heritage by preserving and promoting ethnic attire, music, and dance through research, workshops, and performances. They serve as a bridge connecting Filipino Americans to their roots to give them a sense of pride and identity, while educating diverse communities to foster awareness and appreciation of Philippine culture.
Taiko, or Japanese drum performance, is thrilling contemporary entertainment rooted in deep cultural traditions. Founded in San Jose's Japantown in 1973, San Jose Taiko has grown to become one of the premiere taiko ensembles in the world. Artistic Director Franco Imperial describes what it is like to be a part of this unique local treasure, and reflects on its greater role increasing visibility and understanding of Asian American cultures.
Matthaus Lam is an accomplished young artist with a playful sense of humor that pours out of his amazing sculptures. Lam's creativity sparked early–he has created works of art since he was just five years old. He specializes in animals and likes to share them with adults and kids alike. Lam told us, "I hope they learn about protecting animals and conserving wildlife." Matthaus Lam is autistic and is a participant in AbilityPath's Phil Egan Art Program. 

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