cap hair foylCalifornia’s barbershops and salons were ordered to shut down in mid-March, along with social establishments and other non-essential businesses. While many stylists have protested the change and some have found workarounds to serve their clients, most have put down the shears for the time being.

Which leaves most of us with the difficult choice of trying to manage our own hair, or simply letting it do its own thing. From experimenting with Kool-Aid as coloring to letting a significant other get creative, these listeners share their journeys with their own hair during COVID-19.

Madison Jablonski-Sheffield

About a year ago, I saw this really great rainbow hairstyle on a musician named Lauren Ruth Ward. And I wanted to do it ever since. And so when the coronavirus quarantine happened, I realized I could probably do that since I wouldn't see my colleagues for a while. Through many fiascos of Kool Aid and wrong orders on Amazon, I finally made it happen and I'm so pleased. I love it.

Julian Ortega

So the picture on the left in the blue is from March 24, around the time when we first started our stay-at-home order. The picture on the right is from a few days ago, and as you can see, my hair is just insane. I would cut it myself, but I don't trust myself with the pair of clippers.

Wesley Sun

I let my girlfriend cut my hair however she wanted as long as it stopped poking my eyes. So she decided to freehand a bowl cut and it doesn't look good. The bangs are uneven, one side of my hair is puffier than the other side and if you look from the back, you'd see the early stages of a mullet happening. She calls me little mushroom now, which I don't really like.

Glenn Summers

I didn't realize how gray my hair is, and it's gotten so large that I've given it a nickname. I'm calling it 'Wally.' So I've also realized my beard is multicolor, gray and dark. So a little frightening, but we'll get through it.

Sloane Viola

I've been contemplating things for a little while now, but it felt kind of risky because my hair texture is somewhere in between wavy and curly. I decided to just go for it and cut my own bangs and I'm actually really happy with the result.

(Photo: Madison Jablonski-Sheffield, Wesley Sun, Sloane Viola, Julian Ortega, and Glenn Summers - clockwise from top left)

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