every light casts a shadow;

every shadow lives from light

six-foot safety zone

we are conceived in embrace

we are borne by embrace

we are born from embrace

by embrace are we nurtured

in embrace do we marry

and thrive

and if lucky

we die embraced


now we are

enjoined from embrace

force to live

like lepers of circumstance


how long can we survive

alone and skin-hungry

before we die

shriveled of soul?


this sub-micro-organism

has paralyzed a planet

and in our standstill

and from our careful distances

we breathe the clearer air

practice patience and prudence

see each other in finer point

treat each other more gently

embrace from afar

rediscover forgotten nature

fauna wild and tame

feel again the soul-healing

of flowers

which are said to be

the smiles of the gods

as we live now

in corona

halo of light


© Vilma Olsvary Ginzberg

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