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Soul Cotton, a resident of the mobile home park,
speaks of the challenge he faces in finding new
housing while also battling lung cancer at a press
conference on Monday, August 28th.

Where to now? That’s the question residents at an aging mobile home park in Cloverdale are asking less than a month after receiving eviction notices.

It's the latest in a spate of recent disputes between mobile home park owners and residents in Sonoma County.

For the residents who spoke out Monday, Gerdes Mobile Home park has long been home; 12, 23, even 25 years or more for some.

But at the start of August, residents received 60 day eviction notices addressed to John/Jane Doe.

Now with just over a month until the evictions are set to begin, residents are joining together as the 890 Rockwell Tenants United to push back.

One resident, Ali Abdullah summed up the situation.

"Where does one find a new home for a double wide in 60 days?" Abdullah asked.

The eviction notices are a blow for the dozens who call Rockwell Road home.

The park sits at the end of a gravel lane off River Road east of Cloverdale. It borders vineyards on one side, and backs up to the former Gerdes Auto Wrecking Yard on another.

A dense constellation of aging mobile homes, some newer trailers, and more permanent structures; the park is a last bastion of affordability.

Like Abdullah, Elizabeth Peterson, another long-time resident, and speaker at the Monday evening press conference held by the 890 Rockwell Tenants United, said her options are scarce.

"My daughter and I both have medical problems and we are on fixed incomes," Peterson said. "Where do we go from here?"

Rebecca Clemmer, one of the property’s new owners, said in public Facebook post, residents have had four years to prepare for the property sale; and that they are welcome to return once the property has been cleaned and repaired.

Residents paint a much different picture though. One of uncertain plans from the previous owner, and a lack of communication from the new ones, said Peterson.

"From the beginning, there has been no introductions, no notes in our mailboxes, no phone calls, no knocks on our doors," Peterson said. "None of us knew who they were. Yet they claim to have tried to reach us."

Rick MacArthur while fighting back tears, described living at the park for close to 25 years.

The writing is on the wall, he said, and he and the other residents are asking for more time and assistance to move from their homes on Rockwell Road.

Whether or not that happens remains an open question, but for now, Val, another resident, said her focus, and that of others, is on one thing.

"The seemingly impossible, tremendously difficult task of finding a new, affordable, safe place to live," Val said.

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