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Poultry hens photographed inside a factroy barn.

Animal rights activists were back in action in Petaluma this week calling attention to what they say are gross violations.

"We didn't do it because you know it's fun or it's, it's cool," Zoe Rosenberg said. "We did it because it's a necessity, because every single animal who's suffering and dying needs urgent attention...and they're not being given this care by law enforcement."

Rosenberg, a longtime animal rights activist, was part of a protest action early Tuesday morning organized by Direct Action Everywhere - shorthanded as DXE.

The action took place at the Petaluma Poultry facility on Lakeville Highway according to DXE spokesperson Alison Morikawa Barnard.

"An initial group of activists rescued four sick birds from a transport truck inside the property and took them to receive emergency medical care," Morikawa Barnard said. "Within an hour, around 200 peaceful demonstrators converged at the slaughterhouse after hearing about the rescue to call on Sonoma County District Attorney Carla Rodriguez, to prosecute Petaluma Poultry, not animal rescuers."

Morikawa Barnard said in all, DXE activists removed 18 chickens bound for slaughter.

Petaluma Poultry is the latest local poultry processor targeted by DXE - animal rights activists have previously faced arrest protesting three separate poultry facilities in and around Petaluma.

DXE activists allege Petaluma Poultry, a subsidiary of agri-business giant Perdue Farms, subjects chickens to inhumane and illegal conditions at both their farming and processing facility.

Representatives for Petaluma Poultry could not be reached for comment before airtime Wednesday, but the company's website says its chickens are “raised in a low-stress, free range environment and treated with respect for…comfort, well-being and natural instincts.”

Rosenberg said her actions and those of other DXE activists are about doing what’s right.

"As somebody who has a disability myself," Rosenberg said. "I can't imagine what it's like to be an animal who's sick and disabled on the floor of one of these factory farms fighting for food and water, and so I wanna get those animals out and get them the care that they deserve."


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