A flooded vineyard in Guerneville in 2006.
photo credit: Adam DuBrowa
Sonoma County emergency officials are preparing for potentially record-breaking rainfall totals for an October storm.
It seems crazy to ask, but what of the county's biggest flood risk, the Russian River in Guerneville?

"There's no predicted flooding with the amount of rain we're getting this week," said Jim Bulgari of the Sonoma County Fire District. "We are anticipating a significant amount of rain this weekend, but nothing that's throwing any concern currently to any potential flooding events.
Next risk: what about landslides?

"The Glass Fire, the Walbridge Fire scars are still something that we're keeping an eye on, but because we got through last year without any issues, we don't anticipate any significant issues this year," Bulgari said.

Last risk, what about more fires?

"Currently with the rain that we're getting, we can definitely take a sigh of relief and kind of relax a little bit and not worry so much about any potential large wildland fires heading our way."

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