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Mohammad Jabbari is the founder of Sonoma County United in Kindness.
photo credit: Photo Courtesy of Mohammad Jabbari

This year hate crimes have reached the highest level in more than a decade, according to an NPR report. And Sonoma County's Mohammad Jabbari created a project to combat exactly that.

Jabbari founded Sonoma County United in Kindness in 2019, with a mission to promote acts of kindness that "advance social justice, embrace diversity and champion equity with respect for all." The project works with local organizations, schools, politicians and cities  to propagate acts of kindness.

Since its inception in 2019, Jabbari has mobilized a team and gained formal endorsements from the county's board of supervisors and eight cities that vow to foster and sustain kindness, 365 days a year.

KRCB's Tessa Paoli speaks with Jabbari about the root of his efforts in Sonoma County. 


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